The Cry Of The Sloth*

Crack on with Somerset Maugham. Have nearly finished him. Then training at 11.30am. Back hurts but do what I can. Here are abs exercises:

Can also manage chest press, arm exercises and other chest press. Back is feeling a bit better now.

Then to the Zoo with Hannah where we see Meghan the baby Okapi with her mum Oni:

The otters:

The alpacas and llamas:

Bhanu the lion. We also see the lionesses, not pictured. Hopefully soon there will be baby lions…

A sleeping kangaroo:

Jae Jae the tiger sleeping.

Also see Malcolm the baby aye aye and his mum but you are not allowed to take photos in there. We walk through the walkthrough lemur exhibit but the lemurs are all inside.

I am naughty and purchase a baby sloth. He is called Edward after the hand-reared baby sloth at the Zoo. Edward says hello. Here he is:

Am drinking Diet Coke with lime and thinking about making some supper.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2009. By Sam Savage. Literary fiction novel. “As his hold on reality weakens and his schemes grow wilder, his self image as a placid and slow-moving sloth evolves into that of a bizarre and frantic creature driven mad by solitude.”


  1. Christopher · January 30, 2018

    Hello Edward!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. L. Rorschach · January 31, 2018

    Edward is adorable! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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