Murder In A Blizzard*

Wake up and look out of the window. It has snowed in the night:

Catch an Uber to Dolly’s house. She is bounding around outside when I arrive and rugby tackles me from behind. She loves the snow.

On Primrose Hill there are children sledging down the hill. Everyone is enjoying the snow. Here we are:

We have a lovely walk. Walk carefully so don’t fall over and somehow manage to stay upright.

Catch an Uber back to the flat and then another one to the station. Trains have been cancelled but by a miracle one turns up. Mum walks down to the station to meet me: they are snowed in as no-one grits the parental road or the next road as they are private roads.

Have lunch and then this person comes in, wet, and settles down to sleep:

Dad makes me a physiotherapist appointment for next Friday. Mum makes me a dentist’s appointment, also for next Friday.

Meditate and sleep. Wake up at 5.15pm. Am drinking coffee and lemon squash and have eaten a banana. For once it is warm in the parental home as the snow has settled on the sloping windows, forming an extra layer of insulation.

Tonight we are going to watch Dark Victory. Mum was meant to go to a concert in Holland Park but has decided not to go.

Hope will be able to get to Spin tomorrow. It depends what happens overnight with the snow. It’s about minus five degrees and still snowing and the snow is settling.

Must have a bath.

Am with Dolly in the attached photo.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2015. By Michael Lorinser. Cozy mystery novel.

Lady Bird*

Have a lovely dinner with Lily at Cafe Hampstead. Here it is:

There is roasted cauliflower with asparagus, hummus, aubergine with tahini, Cavolo Nero with grated carrot and pitta.

Will definitely return there: the restaurant is beautiful with velvet teal banquettes.

Lady Bird is wonderful. Urge you to see it. It’s a coming of age tale set in Sacramento, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan as the seventeen year old heroine and Laurie Metcalf as her mother. The delectable Timothee Chalamet plays her boyfriend. Just look at him:

He shot to prominence recently in Call Me By Your Name – which I loved – and is definitely a star in the making.

Lady Bird is very funny and not too long at ninety four minutes.

We have a booth at my favourite cinema and it’s just a wonderful evening, although don’t get home till eleven o’clock.

Wake up at 7.30am and it’s snowing. Have a brief conversation with brother in Abroad and one with MadFatRunner who is on her way to care for her horses in the snow.

Make it to the gym – see attached outfit photo – and do chest press, triceps, Pectoral machine and then have to rush home for triage phone call about physiotherapy. It’s snowing heavily when I leave the gym and very cold, minus four I think.

Success! Am allowed four physio appointments with the option of more if I need them. So hope to sort out back and shoulder problems.

Chat to my cousin Patrick, which is nice – haven’t spoken to him for a while. Then talk to Dave, who is going to accompany me to see Douglas Murray in conversation with Rod Liddle at Kings Place on Tuesday. Am looking forward to it. They will be talking about Murray’s new book The Strange Death Of Europe. Purchase his biography of Bosie this afternoon and can’t wait to read it:

If it arrives in time maybe will get Murray to sign it.

It is good to talk to Dave. Like chatting to my chums on the phone, which seldom happens in these days of WhatsApp, Instagram messages and texting. Actual chat is far more beneficial for mental health I think.

Meditate but can’t sleep, which is annoying as didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Am drinking coffee and Diet Coke and thinking about what to make for supper. Have an episode of Midsomer Murders to watch whilst I knit the baby scarf.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film written and directed by Greta Gerwig. Stars Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts and Lucas Hedges.

Snow Angels*

Work hard at training and trainer is pleased with me. Put my chest press weight back up to 20kg, so that’s good. Also do high pull, the biceps one in the attached photo, the back machine (can’t remember what it’s called) and some other stuff.

Purchase some more Perrier which comes in glass bottles so is better for the environment than water in plastic bottles. Also acquire more milk, golden syrup and the tiny bag which horse bag folds into which left at the corner shop yesterday. Am glad they didn’t throw it away.

Make tofu, asparagus and courgette in the sandwich toaster – hob is broken. Place it on a bed of red cabbage and spinach.

Meditate but can’t sleep which is annoying as have dinner with Lily followed by late film tonight. Hope will be able to stay awake.

Last night: watch last episode of Today At The Winter Olympics. Am sad that it is finished. Then watch an old episode of Midsomer Murders: one of the early ones with Sergeant Troy. Knit baby scarf.

Now am drinking coffee and will eat my orange as soon as have posted this.

Am looking forward to going out for dinner with Lily and to seeing Lady Bird: it’s meant to be wonderful.

Need to have a bath and clean lenses. It’s been snowing today.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2009. By James Thompson. Detective novel set in Finland, starring Kari Vaara.


Wake up around 6.30am and watch Marit Bjorgen win the 30k cross country ski race. The greatest winter Olympian ever – with fifteen medals now – goes off at a scorching pace and puts two minutes between herself and the others, ending the games with yet another gold medal. It’s a joy to watch.

The Germans take the four man bobsleigh Gold and are narrowly beaten in the ice hockey by the OAR athletes – the Russians.

Make it to the gym and do weights for forty five minutes. Here is outfit:

See also attached photo.

Watch episode two of Collateral last night and think it’s improving. Make some headway with baby scarf number one.

Have an accident where the soy sauce jumps out of the cupboard and smashes the glass hob. Hopefully it can be fixed. There’s a crack all the way across it.

Buy The Sunday Times and read the Style. My cousin is the entertainment editor. There are beautiful Spring clothes at last.

Watch the Olympics closing ceremony and feel sad that it’s over: have enjoyed it So Much. On the plus side, they announce that a dialogue has been opened between North and South Korea, so that’s good.

I miss my fluffy monster. Not seeing Dolly till Wednesday, when snow is forecast. She’ll enjoy the snow, with her webbed feet and thick fur. Hope will be able to get to her.

It’s going to be Very Cold next week. Tomorrow am going to see the twins after training and then Lady Bird in the evening with Lily. We’re trying out the new Tel-Aviv-style Cafe Hampstead for dinner. Show you:

Hardly ever go out for dinner so am excited.

My old CD player breaks so I purchase a new one. Show you him:

He will arrive soon I hope.

It’s 5.20pm and have meditated but couldn’t sleep. Will have an early night tonight, after watching Midsomer Murders and knitting the baby scarf. Am drinking lemon squash and gazing at the blue sky: it’s a beautiful sunny day.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2018. By David Hare. TV miniseries. Stars Carey Mulligan, Jeany Spark, Nicola Walker and Nathaniel Martello-White. Directed by S. J. Clarkson. A modern day state of the nation project which takes place over four days.

Light As The Breeze*

Up at 7.40am to see psychiatrist at 8.30am. He is pleased with me and thinks I may have Ehlers-Danlos which is a hypermobility syndrome and that that would explain why my injuries never recover. It’s exciting to have a new disorder.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and at the farm the sparrows are building their nests.

Work hard at Spin. It’s the Princess’s class. You can see us in the attached photo and here:

Here is graph:

Then Mum takes me to Hobbycraft to get baby wool for scarves for the twins. Here is one of the balls of wool:

The other one has some mauve in it so the two scarves will be a bit different.

Dad brings me back to the flat and puts up my Winnie the Pooh postcards:

The postcard frames are from Poundland.

Watch our girls lose the bronze medal curling match to Japan and some speed skating.

Meditate and rest but can’t sleep.

Drink lemon squash and listen to Leonard Cohen’s The Future album.

Now need to:

  1. Unload dishwasher.
  2. Hang up washing.
  3. Have a bath.
  4. Make supper.
  5. Watch my television.
  6. Whilst knitting the baby scarf.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1992. Song by Leonard Cohen from the album The Future.


Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:

It’s The Boss’s class: a new Fartlek one. Fartlek means “the unknown road.” You can see us in the attached photo. And here:

Walk Gandalf. It is very cold: four degrees, so I cuddle him and kiss the top of his head. Here we are:

Have a sleep and have just not only had a bath but even washed hair. Am lying on bed with towel wrapped around me and dressing gown over the top of it.

There are snowdrops in the woods:

Now I have to go to doctor for Zolodex injection. Will ask her to refer me to a physiotherapist for back which still hurts. Maybe need a Scan in case it’s not muscular. Obviously am hoping that it’s not cancer in my spine. That would be annoying.

The only Winter Olympics that have seen today is a bit of the curling where we were trailing Sweden 8 – 3.

We have a parental chum coming for dinner. There will be Artichokes – yay!

The fluffy monster is sleeping on the sofa in the playroom where he’s been for many hours.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2010. By Andrew Miller. A riveting psychological drama set in Moscow. Read it!

4.50 From Paddington*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:
  2. It says Wednesday but it’s definitely today. Here is outfit photo:
  3. Then walk with a chum and her dog in the woods. It is very cold but nice to see her. And feel better after my walk.
  4. Have lunch and try to sleep but can’t.
  5. Watch the men’s slalom and am now watching the women’s combined. It’s good to see some alpine skiing and Michelle Gisin wins it. Lindsey Vonn puts in a cracking downhill run but can’t finish the slalom.
  6. Have just painted my nails.
  7. The fluffy monster is in now for the day. You can see him in the attached photo. Have cuddled him a lot and fed him and put him outside earlier. I love him so much. Mum has put out some of his fur for the birds, so some baby birds will grow up in soft orange nests.
  8. See the pheasant in the garden.
  9. Now am watching the curling. Come on Kyle Smith and Team GB! It’s very tight against Switzerland in end nine but our boys are 5 – 4 up. Curling is not my best thing but it’s a form of meditation watching the stones drift across the ice. Oh dear they have just lost.
  10. Last night’s talk is brilliant. We learn about Lewa Wildlife conservancy where they have lost no rhinos to poaching in the last five years. Elephant numbers are also up. Here it is:
  12. We hear from a Masai warrior about how he became involved in the conservation conservancy. He’s amazing.
  13. Simon King tells us about raising two cheetah cubs and shows us some lovely photos.
  14. We leave feeling hopeful about conservation in Northern Kenya and determined to visit Lewa.
  15. Recommend the Royal Geographical Society – it has very comfortable seats.
  16. Also recommend the restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall where we have a lovely supper and they serve us very quickly.
  17. Mum is home but she is making supper. She just came to sit with me for a few minutes.
  18. Am going to have a bath before supper.
  19. We are going to watch Marple after supper. It is 4.50 From Paddington which is one of my favourites.

And will do some knitting.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1957. By Agatha Christie. The eighth Miss Marple detective novel. A classic. Read it at once.

Closing Time*

Am at the restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall with Mum. We’re going to this:

Hopefully it won’t be too gloomy. Simon King is giving a talk, excitingly.

Work hard at the gym this morning: see attached outfit photo.

Watch the two-woman bobsleigh, in which the Team GB girls get the best ever finish by a British pair. They come in eighth.

Watch this lovely chap win his third gold medal of the games in the cross country team relay:

Isn’t he lovely. He’s not yet twenty two. The great Marit Bjorgen leads the Norwegian women’s cross country skiing team to bronze, becoming the most decorated winter Olympian ever with 14 medals.

Meditate and have a short sleep. Now have to eat my supper: it’s 6.26pm and the talk starts at seven thirty but we have to be there at seven.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1992. Song by Leonard Cohen from the album The Future.

I Will Survive*

It’s 20th February which would be my three year anniversary with Seb if we were still together. As we should be because let us remember he said “I’ll stay with you till the end”. And The End has not yet happened. It seems to be dragging its heels a bit.

So, knew that today would be tough. In the cab on the way to Dolly I Will Survive started playing and I sang along for a bit and then had a little cry, because of course if Seb turned up I would welcome him back with open arms and I wouldn’t tell him to fuck off or anything. I miss my Seb. He will always be the love of my life.

But if there’s one thing that can make one feel better, it’s Newfie cuddles. Dolly is pleased to see me and it stops raining a few minutes into our walk. Here is my darling:

You haven’t known love until you’ve been loved by a Newfie, as someone posted on one of the many Newfie Instagram accounts I follow.

Isn’t Dolly beautiful. I love her so much. You can see us in the attached photo and here:

Watch our bobsleigh girls go sixth in Run Two, which is good. On the Not-Plus Side: Elise Christie is disqualified in the 1000m speed skating heats, bringing her Olympics to a nightmare finish, which is very sad.

Go to the organic shop after walking Dolly to purchase some vegan food for Suzy. Am going to make a tofu stir fry with broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus and spinach and then we are off to see I, Tonya at the Everyman.

So have turned a difficult day into a pleasant one.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1978. Song performed by Gloria Gaynor. Written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris. Appears on the album Love Tracks. It was a worldwide hit and sold 14 million copies worldwide, went platinum and was Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100 in 1979. It has remained a top disco anthem and has become a symbol of female strength and a Gay anthem.

The Sittaford Mystery*

Wake up at seven o’clock and spend a wonderful ninety minutes reading Evelyn Waugh. Am on the home stretch now and will finish him today. What a wonderful writer Selina Hastings is and what a fine study of the great man she’s produced.

Work hard at training – see attached photo – and trainer is pleased with me.

Watch the curling – we beat Switzerland, the bobsleigh in which Canada and Germany share the gold medal with exactly the same time – amazing. Then it’s the team Ski Jump which Norway win for the first time in history, assisted by Robert Johansson’s moustache which has its own Facebook page. Show you:

The moustache truly is a thing of beauty and the runaway star of the games.

Andreas Wellinger’s German team are beaten into second place but that’s a third medal for my boy: a Gold and now two Silvers.

Meditate but can’t sleep and now am powering ahead with Evelyn Waugh. Determined to finish him today…

Am drinking lemon squash and diving back into my book.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1931. By Agatha Christie. Detective novel. Contains a blizzard and skiing. The murder is solved by Emily Trefusis and Inspector Narracott. Set in snowy Dartmoor.