Blooming Murder*

Work hard at Spin at first day back after ages off. Here is graph:

Back hurts less than expect it to, which is good. Keep up a good pace and resistance throughout. Back is definitely improving.

Back at the parentals the baby irises are coming up:

And these:

And the pansies which someone seems to be eating:

Here is a fluffy monster:

He is sleeping by the radiator.

Have finished my Somerset Maugham biography. It is wonderful. Read it!

Am sad that it is finished but will be OK as Dolly Alderton’s Book has just arrived:

Can’t wait to get stuck into it.

The parentals are going out tonight and am looking after my fluffy monster on my own.

It’s 5.21pm. Am drinking coffee out of my Jane Thynne Solitaire mug and watching it get dark. When I wake up at four o’clock this afternoon it is light, which is excellent. It’s February now and soon it will be Spring, I hope.

The attached photo is with The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1994. By Jean Hager. Iris House B & B Murder Mystery series novel, Book 1. Murder occurs at the regional Iris Growers’ Convention. Cozy Mystery series starring Tess Darcy, owner of the Iris House B & B.

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