Working Man’s Cafe

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Have an unusually exciting cab ride to Dolly’s in which we get stuck in a tiny hill road in Hampstead.
  2. Make it to Dolly’s
  3. Walk her. Here we are:
  4. It’s a beautiful sunny, crisp day and hand out four cards to dog owners, including:
  5. A twelve year old golden cocker spaniel.
  6. A disobedient three year old husky.
  7. A big German Shepherd.
  8. A Labrador.
  9. Dolly encounters her erstwhile friend Chewy who is tiny and barks at her, at the cafe on the bridge. “He’s got back-up now,” Chewy’s owner explains, nodding at the large German Shepherd lying on the floor behind us.
  10. Cuddle Dolly. She gets nervous when people bark at her.
  11. Photograph my tulips, bromeliad and about-to-Open amaryllis:
  12. Finally do the Big Job: moving my tights and socks out of the huge top drawer and separating them into a tights drawer and a sock drawer in the bedside table.
  13. Fill three bags with rubbish whilst doing this.
  14. Tidy the drawers in my desk too.
  15. Make the kale and quinoa burgers in the sandwich toaster and have them with some spinach for lunch.
  16. Listen to The Kinks.
  17. Do Body Scan Meditation.
  18. Sleep.
  19. Wake up and make coffee and lemon squash and read a new piece of writing by Tom Cox.
  20. These fluffy monster photos come up on Timehop, see also attached photo.
  21. Need to make a snack as have Journey’s End at 6.10pm I think at the cinema with my chum.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2007. Solo album by Ray Davies, and title song of the album.

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  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · February 7, 2018

    “Big Job” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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