Valentine’s Day Is Murder*

February is a difficult month for me as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and then my anniversary with Seb on the 20th.

Tomorrow I have our traditional Valentine’s Day trip to see the new Fifty Shades film with a Male chum so am looking forward to that. Also have Dolly as it’s heavy rain today so have moved her to tomorrow. So I will get a Valentine’s Day slobbery kiss 😍🐕💕. And you haven’t been loved until you’ve been loved by a Newfoundland, as someone says on one of the Newfoundland Instagram pages…

Work hard at the gym this morning – see attached photo. Am wearing my new Onzie bell pants.

Watch some Winter Olympics: more Dutch triumphs in the long track speed skating and German triumph in the women’s luge.

For Team GB: Elise Christie falls and doesn’t get a medal and cries and cries in her interview. At least she has two more distances to go. Is awful to see her so upset though.

Also, we haven’t made it onto the medals table yet so am splitting my support between Norway, The Netherlands and Canada so have people to cheer.

Read a few pages of Evelyn Waugh but am exhausted after yesterday’s funeral. All am good for today is resting and watching television.

Am drinking lemon squash and have cut up an orange.

Here is a certain fluffy monster three years ago today:

And here is Mum assaulting Hamlet. Hamlet says #MeToo:

Right, had better post this and crawl back into the nest and watch television.

The heating is broken at the parentals so they are freezing to death and my fluffy will be getting cold too. They’d better fix it before I go there on Thursday.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. By Carolyn Arnold. Book eight in the McKinley Mysteries series. Starring Sara and Sean McKinley. Set in Jamaica.


  1. L. Rorschach · February 14, 2018

    Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

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