The Saint Valentine’s Day Murders*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Work hard at training and trainer pleased with me although she thinks I need to see a physio about back. Here is Leg Press:
  2. Have lovely walk with Dolly and kiss her and cuddle her:
  3. Watch the Men’s Double Luge final. The top German pair win, the Austrians take silver and the second German pair take bronze.
  4. Watch a long and arduous curling match in which the Canadians beat us.
  5. Things are looking up for Team GB at last though as our skeleton riders are posting very fast times in training. Please let this result in Medals!
  6. Cut my Romanesco cauliflower into slices and grill some with my sandwich for lunch.
  7. Meditate and sleep.
  8. Read a few pages of Evelyn Waugh before training this morning.
  9. New Chap messages to say that his Winnie the Pooh picture has arrived. It’s this one:
  10. Got myself the same one as it’s my favourite.
  11. Am drinking coffee.
  12. And lemon squash.
  13. New Fifty Shades: Freed film with my chum at seven o’clock.
  14. It’s 5.34pm now.
  15. Thinking about having a bath but probably won’t.
  16. Will just spray some dry shampoo on hair.
  17. The attached photo is a kiss with the one I love.
  18. Send Suzy and MadFatRunner Happy Valentine’s Day messages.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

*1984. By Ruth Dudley Edwards. While working at the British Conservation Corporation, Robert Amiss and Jim Milton aim to find out which of Robert’s co-workers is a murderer. Boxes of chocolates laced with strychnine have been sent out to people.

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