The Pale Horse*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class and it’s extended intervals. Here is graph:

Here is a horse at the farm:

Someone needs to groom him. He is very muddy.

After Spin, pop next door to give my neighbour her scarf which finished last night. She loves it.

Cuddle my fluffy monster. He is so soft and lovely to cuddle.

Parentals drive me back to the flat.

Fill up my bird feeders and see my blackbird, robin, great tits, blue tits and wood pigeon.

Watch Lizzy Yarnold win Gold and Laura Deas win Bronze in the Skeleton, which is exciting. Then watch the men’s individual figure skating.

Speak to Suzy and then brother calls from Abroad, which is exciting. In a mere six weeks will be with him in Abroad. Can’t wait.

Meditate but can’t sleep. Back hurts.

Unload the dishwasher.

Now am going to watch some more Winter Olympics and knit.

The attached photo is with The Boss at Spin.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1961. By Agatha Christie. Detective novel narrated by Mark Easterbrook. Features Ariadne Oliver.


  1. Christopher · February 17

    I am glad you wrote ‘groom’ I couldn’t remember that word the other day and it was bugging me!

    Liked by 1 person

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