4.50 From Paddington*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work hard at Spin. Here is graph:
  2. It says Wednesday but it’s definitely today. Here is outfit photo:
  3. Then walk with a chum and her dog in the woods. It is very cold but nice to see her. And feel better after my walk.
  4. Have lunch and try to sleep but can’t.
  5. Watch the men’s slalom and am now watching the women’s combined. It’s good to see some alpine skiing and Michelle Gisin wins it. Lindsey Vonn puts in a cracking downhill run but can’t finish the slalom.
  6. Have just painted my nails.
  7. The fluffy monster is in now for the day. You can see him in the attached photo. Have cuddled him a lot and fed him and put him outside earlier. I love him so much. Mum has put out some of his fur for the birds, so some baby birds will grow up in soft orange nests.
  8. See the pheasant in the garden.
  9. Now am watching the curling. Come on Kyle Smith and Team GB! It’s very tight against Switzerland in end nine but our boys are 5 – 4 up. Curling is not my best thing but it’s a form of meditation watching the stones drift across the ice. Oh dear they have just lost.
  10. Last night’s talk is brilliant. We learn about Lewa Wildlife conservancy where they have lost no rhinos to poaching in the last five years. Elephant numbers are also up. Here it is:
  11. http://www.lewa.org
  12. We hear from a Masai warrior about how he became involved in the conservation conservancy. He’s amazing.
  13. Simon King tells us about raising two cheetah cubs and shows us some lovely photos.
  14. We leave feeling hopeful about conservation in Northern Kenya and determined to visit Lewa.
  15. Recommend the Royal Geographical Society – it has very comfortable seats.
  16. Also recommend the restaurant at the Royal Albert Hall where we have a lovely supper and they serve us very quickly.
  17. Mum is home but she is making supper. She just came to sit with me for a few minutes.
  18. Am going to have a bath before supper.
  19. We are going to watch Marple after supper. It is 4.50 From Paddington which is one of my favourites.

And will do some knitting.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1957. By Agatha Christie. The eighth Miss Marple detective novel. A classic. Read it at once.


  1. Christopher · February 22

    I love the idea of Fluffy Monster giving his fur to the birds. What a kind puss! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bridey · February 23

    4:50 from Paddington is one of my favourites too, along with Nemesis.

    Liked by 1 person

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