Light As The Breeze*

Up at 7.40am to see psychiatrist at 8.30am. He is pleased with me and thinks I may have Ehlers-Danlos which is a hypermobility syndrome and that that would explain why my injuries never recover. It’s exciting to have a new disorder.

It’s a beautiful sunny day and at the farm the sparrows are building their nests.

Work hard at Spin. It’s the Princess’s class. You can see us in the attached photo and here:

Here is graph:

Then Mum takes me to Hobbycraft to get baby wool for scarves for the twins. Here is one of the balls of wool:

The other one has some mauve in it so the two scarves will be a bit different.

Dad brings me back to the flat and puts up my Winnie the Pooh postcards:

The postcard frames are from Poundland.

Watch our girls lose the bronze medal curling match to Japan and some speed skating.

Meditate and rest but can’t sleep.

Drink lemon squash and listen to Leonard Cohen’s The Future album.

Now need to:

  1. Unload dishwasher.
  2. Hang up washing.
  3. Have a bath.
  4. Make supper.
  5. Watch my television.
  6. Whilst knitting the baby scarf.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1992. Song by Leonard Cohen from the album The Future.

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