Wake up around 6.30am and watch Marit Bjorgen win the 30k cross country ski race. The greatest winter Olympian ever – with fifteen medals now – goes off at a scorching pace and puts two minutes between herself and the others, ending the games with yet another gold medal. It’s a joy to watch.

The Germans take the four man bobsleigh Gold and are narrowly beaten in the ice hockey by the OAR athletes – the Russians.

Make it to the gym and do weights for forty five minutes. Here is outfit:

See also attached photo.

Watch episode two of Collateral last night and think it’s improving. Make some headway with baby scarf number one.

Have an accident where the soy sauce jumps out of the cupboard and smashes the glass hob. Hopefully it can be fixed. There’s a crack all the way across it.

Buy The Sunday Times and read the Style. My cousin is the entertainment editor. There are beautiful Spring clothes at last.

Watch the Olympics closing ceremony and feel sad that it’s over: have enjoyed it So Much. On the plus side, they announce that a dialogue has been opened between North and South Korea, so that’s good.

I miss my fluffy monster. Not seeing Dolly till Wednesday, when snow is forecast. She’ll enjoy the snow, with her webbed feet and thick fur. Hope will be able to get to her.

It’s going to be Very Cold next week. Tomorrow am going to see the twins after training and then Lady Bird in the evening with Lily. We’re trying out the new Tel-Aviv-style Cafe Hampstead for dinner. Show you:

Hardly ever go out for dinner so am excited.

My old CD player breaks so I purchase a new one. Show you him:

He will arrive soon I hope.

It’s 5.20pm and have meditated but couldn’t sleep. Will have an early night tonight, after watching Midsomer Murders and knitting the baby scarf. Am drinking lemon squash and gazing at the blue sky: it’s a beautiful sunny day.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2018. By David Hare. TV miniseries. Stars Carey Mulligan, Jeany Spark, Nicola Walker and Nathaniel Martello-White. Directed by S. J. Clarkson. A modern day state of the nation project which takes place over four days.


  1. Christopher · February 25

    Lotus position! -> envious face

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