Snow Angels*

Work hard at training and trainer is pleased with me. Put my chest press weight back up to 20kg, so that’s good. Also do high pull, the biceps one in the attached photo, the back machine (can’t remember what it’s called) and some other stuff.

Purchase some more Perrier which comes in glass bottles so is better for the environment than water in plastic bottles. Also acquire more milk, golden syrup and the tiny bag which horse bag folds into which left at the corner shop yesterday. Am glad they didn’t throw it away.

Make tofu, asparagus and courgette in the sandwich toaster – hob is broken. Place it on a bed of red cabbage and spinach.

Meditate but can’t sleep which is annoying as have dinner with Lily followed by late film tonight. Hope will be able to stay awake.

Last night: watch last episode of Today At The Winter Olympics. Am sad that it is finished. Then watch an old episode of Midsomer Murders: one of the early ones with Sergeant Troy. Knit baby scarf.

Now am drinking coffee and will eat my orange as soon as have posted this.

Am looking forward to going out for dinner with Lily and to seeing Lady Bird: it’s meant to be wonderful.

Need to have a bath and clean lenses. It’s been snowing today.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2009. By James Thompson. Detective novel set in Finland, starring Kari Vaara.


  1. L. Rorschach · February 26

    I’ve been meaning to see Lady Bird. It was filmed in my hometown. 🙂

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    • waternymph88 · February 26

      Ah wow! Am excited about it 💃

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      • L. Rorschach · February 26

        Let me know what you think! I was supposed to see it with my 2 best friends. We met in the city where Lady Bird was filmed and all 3 of us have daughters now. 🙂 We don’t live in the same cities so coordinating a time to see it just didn’t ever happen… and now it’s out of the theaters here. 😦

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      • waternymph88 · February 26

        Oh no! It’s just opened here this week…xxx

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      • waternymph88 · February 26

        It is wonderful! You must see it! xxx

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      • L. Rorschach · February 27

        I can’t wait! I’m now waiting for it to come out on Netflix or cable’s On Demand. 🙂

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  2. snakesinthegrass2014 · February 26

    Do you recommend Midsomer Murders? I just checked and our public library seems to have a full back run of them on DVD. 🙂 – Marty

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    • waternymph88 · February 26

      Oh it is just wonderful! Lose yourself in Midsomer 💕 It is my favourite programme (apart from Marple, Poirot and Peaky Blinders)…xxx


      • snakesinthegrass2014 · February 26

        Oh, great then! We’re really addicted to British shows. I have the Vicar of Dibley set up for us to borrow now. I only know about it because I read about the death of Emma Chambers last weekend, so I thought it’d be nice to see also. Thank you!

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    • Bridey · February 27

      I think “Pie in the Sky” is very good too, if that’s available where you are. It is about a semi-retired cop/restaurateur.

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  3. Bridey · February 27

    It’s a difficult trade-off between glass and plastic. Glass avoids the plastic waste issue, but as it is heavier then more CO2 is emitted transporting it. May be the answer is to reduce the number of containers used/produced, irrespective of what they are made of?

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