Lady Bird*

Have a lovely dinner with Lily at Cafe Hampstead. Here it is:

There is roasted cauliflower with asparagus, hummus, aubergine with tahini, Cavolo Nero with grated carrot and pitta.

Will definitely return there: the restaurant is beautiful with velvet teal banquettes.

Lady Bird is wonderful. Urge you to see it. It’s a coming of age tale set in Sacramento, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan as the seventeen year old heroine and Laurie Metcalf as her mother. The delectable Timothee Chalamet plays her boyfriend. Just look at him:

He shot to prominence recently in Call Me By Your Name – which I loved – and is definitely a star in the making.

Lady Bird is very funny and not too long at ninety four minutes.

We have a booth at my favourite cinema and it’s just a wonderful evening, although don’t get home till eleven o’clock.

Wake up at 7.30am and it’s snowing. Have a brief conversation with brother in Abroad and one with MadFatRunner who is on her way to care for her horses in the snow.

Make it to the gym – see attached outfit photo – and do chest press, triceps, Pectoral machine and then have to rush home for triage phone call about physiotherapy. It’s snowing heavily when I leave the gym and very cold, minus four I think.

Success! Am allowed four physio appointments with the option of more if I need them. So hope to sort out back and shoulder problems.

Chat to my cousin Patrick, which is nice – haven’t spoken to him for a while. Then talk to Dave, who is going to accompany me to see Douglas Murray in conversation with Rod Liddle at Kings Place on Tuesday. Am looking forward to it. They will be talking about Murray’s new book The Strange Death Of Europe. Purchase his biography of Bosie this afternoon and can’t wait to read it:

If it arrives in time maybe will get Murray to sign it.

It is good to talk to Dave. Like chatting to my chums on the phone, which seldom happens in these days of WhatsApp, Instagram messages and texting. Actual chat is far more beneficial for mental health I think.

Meditate but can’t sleep, which is annoying as didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Am drinking coffee and Diet Coke and thinking about what to make for supper. Have an episode of Midsomer Murders to watch whilst I knit the baby scarf.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film written and directed by Greta Gerwig. Stars Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts and Lucas Hedges.


  1. L. Rorschach · February 27

    Yay, I’m glad you liked the movie! (And, yes, Timothee is a cutie!) xx

    Liked by 1 person

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