Black Diamond Death*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Wake up at seven o’clock and read Evelyn Waugh for an hour and a half.
  2. Work hard at Pilates – see attached outfit photo.
  3. Buy sparkling water, milk and The Sunday Times.
  4. Watch the aerials, the two man bobsleigh and the giant slalom – in which Marcel Hirscher wins his second gold of the games with a fantastic run. Team GB just edge a win over Italy in the curling which I find dull but must keep watching in case there’s a chance of a medal.
  5. Norway are now top of the medals table.
  6. James Woods just misses out on a medal in the slopestyle skiing, sadly.
  7. Make lunch: halloumi and avocado sandwich with broccoli and asparagus.
  8. Book tickets for I, Tonya on Tuesday. Going with Suzy. Am looking forward to it.
  9. Meditate but can’t sleep.
  10. Make coffee and cut up an orange.
  11. Eat orange whilst reading the Style and the magazine.
  12. Now am going to have a bath.
  13. And watch Midsomer Murders.
  14. And knit.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2013. By Cheryl Bradshaw. Book 1 in the Sloane Monroe Mystery series. A skier has been murdered…

The Pale Horse*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class and it’s extended intervals. Here is graph:

Here is a horse at the farm:

Someone needs to groom him. He is very muddy.

After Spin, pop next door to give my neighbour her scarf which finished last night. She loves it.

Cuddle my fluffy monster. He is so soft and lovely to cuddle.

Parentals drive me back to the flat.

Fill up my bird feeders and see my blackbird, robin, great tits, blue tits and wood pigeon.

Watch Lizzy Yarnold win Gold and Laura Deas win Bronze in the Skeleton, which is exciting. Then watch the men’s individual figure skating.

Speak to Suzy and then brother calls from Abroad, which is exciting. In a mere six weeks will be with him in Abroad. Can’t wait.

Meditate but can’t sleep. Back hurts.

Unload the dishwasher.

Now am going to watch some more Winter Olympics and knit.

The attached photo is with The Boss at Spin.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1961. By Agatha Christie. Detective novel narrated by Mark Easterbrook. Features Ariadne Oliver.

Trouble In Transylvania*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class. Haven’t got a graph for you as kept my heart rate belt on for ages after class.

Walk my Gandalf. Here we are:

Here is beautiful Gandalf:

I kiss him on the top of his head and cuddle him. Love that boy.

It’s starting to look a bit Spring-like in the garden. Look at the crocuses:

Go to the hospital to have port flushed, which hurts. It’s such a clever way to get blood out though. Wish had had a port during chemotherapy.

Have a sleep and have just watched the women’s snowboard cross final and now watching the aerial skiing. They are all falling over.

Have a headache. Mum is going to find me some Nurofen.

In good news: the fluffy monster has been weighed and he’s lost some weight! He’s now 6.85kg. Needs to get down to 6.5kg but it’s brilliant that he’s made some progress. Clever fluffy monster.

In exciting news: am going to Transylvania to do a Spin Ride in a haunted castle. Have booked the ride. The Boss and The Master are both going. There will be bats, bears and wolves. And vampires! We stay in the castle. It’s on 12th August and we go for the weekend. The castle is a spa hotel. Am excited.

Am with The Boss in the attached photo.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1993. By Barbara Wilson. A Cassandra Reilly Mystery, Book 2, set in a Transylvanian health Spa.

The Rhino Whisperer*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning. Read Evelyn Waugh for an hour. It’s very exciting: She-Evelyn has just run off with someone else, he’s published Decline and Fall and Vile Bodies and is drawing closer to Rome…

Work hard at gym – see attached photo. Do Chest Press, triceps, High Pull, Back Extension, Arm Extension and Pectoral.

Have a lovely lunch with Christopher of Western Dusk. We have plenty to chat about and we sit outside. It’s sunny and we could be in Abroad.

Catch train to parentals and Dad picks me up. My rhino adoption pack has arrived from WWF:

My rhino is called Lankeu, is an African black rhino and lives in Nairobi National Park which is as big as 16,000 football pitches. He has a damaged ear from an encounter with hyenas when he was a calf. He’s a fit young bull entering his prime so he’s very lively and good at protecting his territory.

You too can adopt a rhino or other animal with WWF:

Have just watched the absolute carnage of the Snowboard Cross. It’s wonderful.

Now watching The Wonderful World Of Puppies with Mum.

This person has an important weigh-in tomorrow:

Fingers crossed that he’s lost some weight…

Had better post this as we have people coming for dinner.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2017. By Evadeen Brickwood. Murder Mystery novel set in modern South Africa. Starring Sofia Helenius and Tom Rutgers, who must solve the murder of a ranger and a rare black rhino in the idyllic Shangari Safari Park, owned by Tom. Then there’s another murder in Johannesburg…

The Saint Valentine’s Day Murders*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Work hard at training and trainer pleased with me although she thinks I need to see a physio about back. Here is Leg Press:
  2. Have lovely walk with Dolly and kiss her and cuddle her:
  3. Watch the Men’s Double Luge final. The top German pair win, the Austrians take silver and the second German pair take bronze.
  4. Watch a long and arduous curling match in which the Canadians beat us.
  5. Things are looking up for Team GB at last though as our skeleton riders are posting very fast times in training. Please let this result in Medals!
  6. Cut my Romanesco cauliflower into slices and grill some with my sandwich for lunch.
  7. Meditate and sleep.
  8. Read a few pages of Evelyn Waugh before training this morning.
  9. New Chap messages to say that his Winnie the Pooh picture has arrived. It’s this one:
  10. Got myself the same one as it’s my favourite.
  11. Am drinking coffee.
  12. And lemon squash.
  13. New Fifty Shades: Freed film with my chum at seven o’clock.
  14. It’s 5.34pm now.
  15. Thinking about having a bath but probably won’t.
  16. Will just spray some dry shampoo on hair.
  17. The attached photo is a kiss with the one I love.
  18. Send Suzy and MadFatRunner Happy Valentine’s Day messages.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

*1984. By Ruth Dudley Edwards. While working at the British Conservation Corporation, Robert Amiss and Jim Milton aim to find out which of Robert’s co-workers is a murderer. Boxes of chocolates laced with strychnine have been sent out to people.

Valentine’s Day Is Murder*

February is a difficult month for me as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and then my anniversary with Seb on the 20th.

Tomorrow I have our traditional Valentine’s Day trip to see the new Fifty Shades film with a Male chum so am looking forward to that. Also have Dolly as it’s heavy rain today so have moved her to tomorrow. So I will get a Valentine’s Day slobbery kiss 😍🐕💕. And you haven’t been loved until you’ve been loved by a Newfoundland, as someone says on one of the Newfoundland Instagram pages…

Work hard at the gym this morning – see attached photo. Am wearing my new Onzie bell pants.

Watch some Winter Olympics: more Dutch triumphs in the long track speed skating and German triumph in the women’s luge.

For Team GB: Elise Christie falls and doesn’t get a medal and cries and cries in her interview. At least she has two more distances to go. Is awful to see her so upset though.

Also, we haven’t made it onto the medals table yet so am splitting my support between Norway, The Netherlands and Canada so have people to cheer.

Read a few pages of Evelyn Waugh but am exhausted after yesterday’s funeral. All am good for today is resting and watching television.

Am drinking lemon squash and have cut up an orange.

Here is a certain fluffy monster three years ago today:

And here is Mum assaulting Hamlet. Hamlet says #MeToo:

Right, had better post this and crawl back into the nest and watch television.

The heating is broken at the parentals so they are freezing to death and my fluffy will be getting cold too. They’d better fix it before I go there on Thursday.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. By Carolyn Arnold. Book eight in the McKinley Mysteries series. Starring Sara and Sean McKinley. Set in Jamaica.

After The Funeral*

Have just been at my old tutor’s Funeral in Oxford. It is lovely and am glad that made the effort to attend. Now we are finally in the car on way home at 5.17pm.

Here is the Radcliffe Camera where I used to study in my undergraduate days:

And the Sheldonian theatre where I got my degree:

This is Christchurch where the cathedral is but we are not allowed to take photos in there:

My tutors are pleased to see me. It is always good to do the right thing. The service is beautiful.

It’s about a ninety minute drive home and then can have supper: have missed my sleep so will try and have a nap in the car.

Work hard at Spin this morning. Graph hasn’t uploaded for some reason but you can see me with The Master in the attached photo.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1953. By Agatha Christie. The thirty first Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Mad Girl*

Wake up at seven o’clock and read for an hour. Evelyn Waugh has just left Oxford. Am 126 pages into the book which is over 600 pages long. It’s jolly good.

Suzy stays last night and this morning I bring her tea and water and we have a chat.

Leave the house at 10.05am to attend the Mental Health Mates Walk At the Serpentine in Hyde Park, to meet Bryony Gordon and fifty one other people. It is fun and people are friendly but it’s bitterly cold so we walk round the Rose Garden rather than round the lake. Here we are. Am kneeling down at the front to the right of the picture. Bryony is next to me in a burgundy flying jacket. It was so exciting to meet her – she’s lovely:

Meet a Husky/ Alsatian puppy called Emma and she licks off all my make-up. She’s so fluffy.

Meditate and sleep and the parentals have just picked me up. We arrive at the parental home and the heating hasn’t come on. It doesn’t seem to be broken. Hopefully the freezing house will start to thaw soon.

The fluffy monster is inside when we arrive. It’s just getting dark now at 5.26pm.

Need to get out of freezing bedroom and huddle under blanket in front of the television and knit. Last night a new Midsomer Murders ought to have recorded so we can watch that, hopefully.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2016. By Bryony Gordon. Mental health memoir. Brilliant.

Winter Games*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Work hard at Spin. It’s The Master’s class. Here is graph:
  2. Photo attached with The Boss and The Master.
  3. Receive a lovely card from my chum with the twins, thanking me for my presents and all my help. It’s so lovely that have a small cry.
  4. Come back to flat.
  5. Unload dishwasher.
  6. Watch the speed skating, luge, cross country skiing and ski jump from the Winter Olympics. Andreas Wellinger the young German wins the ski jump. Here he is:
  7. Isn’t he lovely. He’s 22. Have congratulated him on his Facebook page. Maybe will marry him…
  8. Do Body Scan Meditation but can’t sleep as back hurts.
  9. Now am going to read Evelyn Waugh.
  10. Then knitting and more television.
  11. Need early night as Mental Health Mates Walk tomorrow with Bryony Gordon. Am excited.
  12. Then my old tutor’s Funeral in Oxford on Monday.
  13. Am looking forward to these excitements but need to rest.
  14. Need to unload washing machine when it stops.
  15. And put away dry clothes that have been on airer for days.
  16. And make supper.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2012. By Rachel Johnson. Set in Munich in 1936. Great book!

Rear Window*

Wake up and start reading this:

It’s wonderful. And so lovely and long too. Finish Nancy Mitford last night after watching Rear Window with Mum.

Work hard at Spin this morning. The Boss is teaching and it’s an extended interval class. Here is graph:

You can tell it’s extended intervals as the yellow – hard work – bits are interspersed with green rest bits.

Here I am with my chum:

Then I walk Gandalf. He has healed up from his bite and his leg isn’t infected. We have a muddy walk and I kiss him on the top of his head and cuddle him. He finds a stick in the woods and carries it part of the way home and then drops it.

Here we are:

The fluffy monster is sitting on the steps, scratching his ear with his back foot. He’s so clever. Can hear him thudding about now as he goes in search of supper. He will be disappointed as there’s no supper yet.

Rear Window is marvellous as always. Watch it now and forget all your troubles.

It’s 4.39pm and have had a rest and now am going to watch television and knit.

Am with Gandalf in the attached photo.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1954. Feature film. Stars James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey and Thelma Ritter. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Screenplay by John Michael Hayes, based on the short story by Cornell Woolrich. A wheelchair-bound photographer spies on his neighbour from his upstairs window and becomes convinced that one of them has committed a murder…