Dark Victory*

Dark Victory is wonderful. Bette Davis plays a twenty three year old socialite and rider who is diagnosed with a brain tumour after falling off a horse into a jump and then falling down the stairs.

The surgeon operates on her but it’s a malignant glioma and her prognosis is negative. The surgeon hides this from her but she finds out when she goes to his office and finds her file. She has about ten months to live.

The surgeon falls in love with her and they move to Vermont. Her best friend comes to stay and suddenly her vision goes cloudy. The film ends with her in bed – she is going to die: we are told early on in the film that her vision will fail right at the end.

The film also features Humphrey Bogart as an Irish working class groom – also in love with Davis, and even Ronald Reagan as a constantly drunk chum who is in love with her too. It’s a melodramatic tear jerker and I love it and so does Mum but Dad is less enthused. Do see it – if only for a wonderful performance by Bette Davis. The music by Max Steiner is great too.

Mum risks life and limb to drive me to Spin this morning and waits at the farm to drive me home. Here is graph:

The attached photo is at Spin today with The Master.

Here is the garden in the snow:

This person has been out a couple of times in the snow but is in now:

Here is the fluffy monster last night whilst we were watching Dark Victory:

Here he is three years ago today with Mum:

And here he is a year ago today posing next to his new bed which he refused to go in. He has never been inside it:

Help Mum make soup for lunch: well, sit in the kitchen with her and put some pictures on Instagram whilst she’s making the soup. Mum is upset that all her arrangements have been cancelled due to the snow: she was meant to attend a concert last night and lunches today and tomorrow. There is no tennis, obviously, or bridge. Poor Mum.

Have been resting this afternoon but can’t sleep.

Have just achieved a bath. Am drinking lemon squash and coffee.

Tonight we are watching programmes about Churchill and de Gaulle. And will do knitting.

It has been snowing All Day and is minus five degrees.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1939. Feature film starring Bette Davis, George Brent, Humphrey Bogart and Geraldine Fitzgerald. Directed by Edmund Golding. Screenplay by Casey Robinson adapted from the play by George Emerson and Bertram Bloch. Music by Max Steiner.


  1. TheFeatheredSleep · July 30

    Superb film I agree

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