Guardian Angel*

Wake up and finish reading the Melanie Phillips memoir Guardian Angel. Really recommend it.

Do my best at Spin but it’s a tough class: 12 minute flat road with standing flats; 12 minute hill; 12 minute something horrible that is a mixture of hills and standing flats. Here is graph:

Go to Gandalf’s house. His parents are out all day so have to let self in with keys. Achieve this.

We have a pleasant walk in the sunshine. The snow has all melted. Here we are:

Wipe Gandalf’s muddy paws with the towel in the porch and arrange his blanket on the sofa: he brought it out to give to me when I arrived but it needs to be on the sofa so he can lie on it. Kiss and cuddle him.

Mum picks me up and takes me back to the parentals for lunch.

My books have arrived:

The Women Who Flew For Hitler is by my chum Clare Mulley. Am excited to read it. Bosie is by Douglas Murray who am seeing tomorrow at his talk with Dave. Hope that can get the author to sign it although will probably have to buy his new book The Strange Death Of Europe too.

Dad has booked my flights to Transylvania in August. The Boss messages to say I will have a twin room to myself so plenty of room for a Vampire if there is one kicking about 🧛‍♂️.

Dad drives me back to the flat and we set up my new CD player. Show you him:

Have had a coffee and hot chocolate and an orange and am writing this in bed: flat hasn’t warmed up yet. Am drinking lemon squash and listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 on new CD player.

Meditate but can’t sleep.

Need to:

  1. Unload dishwasher.
  2. Have bath.
  3. Hang up washing.
  4. Watch last week’s Collateral as it’s the last episode tonight.

Tomorrow have Dolly and then lunch with Christopher who blogs at Western Dusk and then Douglas Murray in the evening.

The attached photo is with The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2013. By Melanie Phillips. Memoir. Updated edition published 2016. Brilliant. Read it!

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