He Can Only Hold Her*

Have lovely walk with Dolly. Here we are:

Rush up to Maje in Hampstead to buy the denim jacket I saw in the window when was out with Lily last week. Show you:

It has peacocks on it. Denim jackets are in fashion again according to The Sunday Times Style so I’m bang on trend.

Have an entertaining lunch with my new blogger chum Christopher. It’s so great to have a new friend with whom to talk about History. Also he makes me laugh A Lot.

Rush home to meditate and sleep.

Rush out again to meet Dave and to see Douglas Murray being interviewed by Rod Liddle. Douglas is so articulate and impressive and Rod is so funny. It’s a great evening and we really enjoy it. For once at Jewish Book Week there are some other Young People in the audience, which is exciting.

I even get to ask my question – well, it’s New Chap’s question really as he’s read Murray’s new book already: what does Murray think will happen with Corbyn and will Trump get re-elected.

He is horrified, appalled and worried by Corbyn and the antisemitism at the top of the Labour Party. Mentions IRA, Hezbollah, Hamas and Corbyn’s support for them. He also says the Conservative Party are doing everything possible to enable a Corbyn Victory. Argh.

He thinks Trump may well get re-elected.

Dave buys me the new book:

Queue up to get it and Bosie signed. Hug Douglas Murray – he’s lovely and is only my age, 38, and has already published 4 books – Bosie was published when he was just 20!

Here we are:

Have just got home and am writing this at 10.18pm!

Have had the most lovely and exciting day.

Have been listening to Amy Winehouse today. Feel sad that she was so gifted and died so young. Poor Amy. Her death was such a great loss and so tragic.

Am with Douglas Murray in the attached photo.

Had better go to bed as have training at 9.30am tomorrow and

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2007. Song by Amy Winehouse. From the multi-Grammy-winning album Back To Black.


  1. Christopher · March 7

    I kinda have to like this!

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