Wake Up Alone*

Don’t sleep well. Wake up at 4.24am, 6.30am and finally at 7.40am. It’s raining so catch Uber to gym.

Work hard at training. Show you:

Trainer is pleased with me.

Hannah picks me up from gym and we visit the Zoo. We see the donkeys going for their walk:

We see Bhanu and the lionesses:

Bhanu is probably the fluffy monster’s real father although he would not be impressed with his son’s soppy personality and inability to defend his territory.

We see Jae Jae who was ten yesterday and the other tigers:

Jae Jae is also in the attached photo. He is the most handsome person in the world isn’t he.

Then we see the llamas and alpacas:

This tawny owl:

And the penguins:

Taking the elephant tunnel to the other side of the zoo, we see the meerkats:

I see the baby aye aye Malcolm having his lunch but one is not allowed to take photos there as aye ayes are very secretive. Also it is dark and you must be quiet. I have to tell some children to be quiet as the aye ayes are easily disturbed.

See an okapi but not baby Meghan. Think this is Meghan’s mum Oni:

See the zebras:

Go to the zoo shop planning to treat self to a fluffy zebra but amazingly there are now pangolins! Meet Piers the pangolin:

Hannah drives me home. We’ve had such a lovely day. In all our twenty years of friendship we’ve never argued or fallen out and she is always so kind to me. Love her so much. Am lucky to have such a wonderful friend.

Snuggle up with Piers. Meditate but can’t sleep.

Soon will put my artichoke on.


  1. Headache.
  2. Backache.
  3. New hip flexor pain.
  4. Shin splints from so much walking these last few days.

Also am really tired from Doing Too Much this week. Looking forward to Midsomer Murders and knitting this evening.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2007. Song by Amy Winehouse from the album Back To Black.

One comment

  1. Christopher · March 7

    Bhanu was awake last night too!

    Liked by 1 person

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