Cool Kids Of Death*

It’s 6.37pm. We’ve been at Jewish Book Week all day and it’s Crufts at seven o’clock. So I’ve missed my sleep and afternoon meditation.


  1. Back. Still. Am doing my exercises and everything. Hurry up back and recover.
  2. Headache. And have run out of Nurofen again.
  3. Shoulder: from writing notes furiously during the first two talks.
  4. Nausea – no idea why.

Really nailed the Mother’s Day card this year:

We attend two talks in the morning:

  1. A Street in Berlin: 1904 to 2014. Show you the book:
  2. Really looking forward to reading this one – the talk is fascinating.
  3. Then this one:
  4. Then lunch at Camino:
  5. Then Penelope Lively, Jonathan Wittenberg and Charlotte Mendelson talking about gardens.

Think Mum has a good Mother’s Day. Try my best to be pleasant company but by the end of the day am grumpy, exhausted, in pain and nauseous.

Looking forward to Crufts tonight. Really want Nana the Newfoundland to win Best In Show.

Am listening to Saint Etienne.

The attached photo is my make up for the elderly attendees of Jewish Book Week. It is of course great that the extreme oldsters get out and about but am the youngest person there by about fifty years. As usual. Really, want to be invited to talk about own book there – just need to publish a book!

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1994. Song by Saint Etienne. From the 1994 album Tiger Bay.

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