Push self hard at training and trainer is pleased with me. We even do my back exercises. See attached photo of single arm row.

It’s nine degrees and pouring with rain when I leave the gym. The sky is grey. Why is it still Winter. Catch Uber and it breaks down. High Drama as driver cancels the trip whilst I order another Uber.

“Vauxhall Zafiras are shit,” new Uber driver says, watching Uber driver number one fiddling under his bonnet in the pouring rain.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” I say.

“His car isn’t suitable for this job,” Uber driver two says. Now we’re in a Ford Focus.

Arrive at the vegan restaurant in Hackney to meet my chum. It’s called Rehab. Am well out of my comfort zone – a forty five minute drive from the flat. Never go to East London.

Here we are:

Here is my lunch:

It’s the Mexican Bowl and is wonderful.

This is the restaurant:

The restaurant is lovely and the barman has great taste in music: we hear The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon and then Leonard Cohen’s So Long, Marianne; Dance Me To The End Of Love; On The Level and I’m Your Man. The service is excellent too.

Catch an Uber home. Meditate but can’t sleep. Now it’s 6.15pm and am thinking about supper and looking forward to watching Midsomer Murders tonight. Think have one recorded. And will continue knitting baby scarf.

Tomorrow have Dolly and then am meeting brother’s personal trainer for lunch at Cafe Hampstead which I love.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2006. Song by Amy Winehouse from the 2006 album Back To Black.


  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · March 12

    The restaurant played two of your favorite artists. How cool is that?! Looks like a fun place.

    Liked by 1 person

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