People Get Real*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Walk Dolly. Here we are:
  2. It is sunny which is why am squinting.
  3. Catch the underground one stop to Hampstead. Back is bad today so that is very brave.
  4. See this camellia outside Dolly’s house.

Spring is coming. Have moved down to second warmest coat.

5. Pop in to Space NK, check that Kevin Aucoin is cruelty free and buy this lipgloss:

6. Buy a coffee in Joe’s juice and find plug so can charge phone.

7. Ask barista to turn down music which is awful American hip hop. He does, thank G-d.

8. Cafe Hampstead calls to confirm my booking. They must be doing pretty well.

9. Now will put in contact lenses and apply some make up to look pretty for brother’s trainer who am meeting for lunch at 12.30pm.

10. Ah, at last is Eminem Cleaning Out My Closet. Good. I like Eminem.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1991. Song by Saint Etienne from the 1991 album Foxbase Alpha.

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