Sing Another Song, Boys*

Do all my weights at gym and even do my back exercises, so am pleased with self. See attached photo for gym outfit.

Catch the train to parentals and Mum picks me up. We have a walk around the garden. The Spring flowers are out:

White crocuses:

Narcissi – above – and miniature tulips – below:

Purple crocuses:

Baby irises – above.

Have lunch and then a lovely long sleep.

Wake up at five o’clock this afternoon. This person is in for the day now:

Dad has programmed the fluffy monster’s flap so that it just recognises his microchip. So it’s locked until he approaches it and then his chip opens it. The fluffy monster has two new cat friends – a black one and a tabby one. They can’t enter the house now as the flap doesn’t recognise their chips. It took Dad all day to do this, so a round of applause for Dad please.

In exciting news: my Leonard -Cohen-inspired painting is finished and I’ve seen a video of it! Will show you the masterpiece once I have it. It’s amazing. The artist – who has synaesthesia and sees music as colours – says he responded to the Songs Of Love And Hate album, particularly Sing Another Song, Boys – the crescendo provided the movement in the painting.

Right, had better post this and have a bath before supper.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1971. Song by Leonard Cohen. From the 1971 album Songs Of Love and Hate.


  1. snakesinthegrass2014 · March 16

    That’s amazing about the pet flap. I’ve never heard of that!

    Liked by 1 person

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