Taste In Men*

Work hard at Spin although have no graph to show you as my heart rate monitor device ran out of battery. You can see me with The Master in the attached photo.

Then spend an hour attempting to get Placebo tickets for Robert Smith’s Meltdown. Arrive at the front of the queue and they’ve all gone. So that’s annoying.

See my gorgeous twenty two year old physiotherapist and he gives me new exercises: gliders, squats, more walking and one-leg-at-a-time bridges. And planks. He says I’ve lost strength in core and back since injuring back and need to build strength up again.

Sort of don’t want to recover so can keep seeing him Forever. My next book can be an account of my troubling attraction to much younger men, called The Paedo Files. Ah well, at least I make myself laugh and that’s the important thing.

This person has been inside a lot today:

He has also done some lying down outside under the swinging seat, but not much in the way of exercise. He’s in for the day now.

In my quest to become elderly as soon as possible, have decided to take Bridge lessons. Want to go to the club in West Hampstead where my Grandpa used to play. Unfortunately the lessons are Tuesday at eleven o’clock in the morning, so can’t go unless am allowed to move Dolly to Wednesday. Will ask her owner next week about this.

Achieve a lovely long sleep from three o’clock till almost half past five. I love sleeping,

Have cut up an orange to eat and have a coffee and lemon squash. We’re having vegetable curry tonight: have seen it waiting in the kitchen.

Had better post this and have a bath.

Show you my Leonard Cohen painting which is now finished:

Isn’t it wonderful. Am so happy with it. It’s by the brilliant @jakeandrewart. If you want a painting of your favourite song, just get in touch with him on Instagram.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2000. Song by Placebo. From the 2000 album Black Market Music.


  1. L. Rorschach · March 15

    Wow, gorgeous painting! I’m sorry to laugh at your affliction of favoring younger fellows… but I obviously share the same affliction! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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