One, Two, Buckle My Shoe*

Try to work hard at Spin but have problems getting into the yellow zone. Here is graph:

Still: burn 544 calories in 45 minutes so that’s not too bad. It’s a High End Endurance class.

One of my chums is having a baby today, so I’m thinking of her. Also thinking of my best school chum who’s getting married tomorrow.

Last night we watch a programme on the Yesterday channel about Recreation in the Third Reich called something like Hitler’s Post War Plan. The Yesterday channel have a brilliant policy of putting Hitler or Nazi in the title of everything. It works. If they did one called Hitler’s Epic Plumbing Vision: Sewage Works Of The Reich I’d rush home to watch it.

Walk Gandalf in the woods. It’s a sunny day and we have a lovely time. I kiss him on the top of his lovely soft head and cuddle him. Love that boy. Here we are:

Gandalf’s Mum is having a knee operation so I get an extra date with him next Tuesday and hopefully more extra dates. The operation has a six week recovery period.

Have done the bit of my physiotherapy homework which is a walk but not the exercises yet: will do them after posting this.

See the hygienist who is really pleased with me: the best mouth she’s ever seen, beautiful teeth, perfect etc. So there is one bit of me which works.

The fluffy monster is sleeping up in the hall, waiting for Mum to return from bridge. Have put him outside several times today: find him sleeping under my chair. See him in the front garden earlier. But he’s in for the day now.

A minor tragedy has occurred: shut my little pouch in the door and his clip fastening breaks. He’s been a good and faithful servant for about seven years. Here he is:

Have ordered a new sequinned one from Amazon. Show you:

It may not arrive till the 16th April though, which is ages. Still, am pleased with it.

Am eating my orange, drinking my coffee and looking forward to my bath and supper.

You can see me with The Boss at Spin this morning in the attached photo.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1940. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel in which Poirot’s dentist is murdered.


  1. Christopher · March 16

    I am going to call my next book Sex and the Nazis. There might be a bit of the former but none of the latter in it but as a marketing ploy it’ll work

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  2. Christopher · March 16

    He was proud to wear the iron cross – won fighting the French in 1813 and he probably liked his jackboots all shiny… He wasn’t too hot on anti-Semitism (chummy with the Rothschilds) or indeed war in general.

    Liked by 1 person

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