Purr M For Murder*

Work hard at training. Do weighted squats for the first time in ages – physiotherapy homework – gliders, also physiotherapy homework. Then do the plank and hold the second one for forty five seconds. Trainer is pleased with me. Have to do three planks per session for physiotherapist but end up doing four as decide plank should be today’s photo. It is attached.

Do Pectoral press and the back machine as well as arm extension. Trainer seems pleased with my efforts.

Catch train to parentals where find the fluffy monster inside sleeping despite the sunshine. Put him outside and he strolls around the garden and rests under the swinging bench. Let’s go and look for him now…

Found him on the sofa:

Timehop throws up these photos of him a year ago:

And two years ago:

I love my fluffy monster So Much. I am so lucky to have him for cuddles and chats.

Sleep after lunch and wake up at 4.30pm. Write some more of The Paedo Files On Mum’s computer – can’t tell you how much as was using some Microsoft Office programme without a word counter. Anyway: email it to self and also copy and paste the text into the body of the email in case am unable to open the document. Am pleased with self for forging ahead with new project and enjoying it.

Must post this and then have a bath. Am drinking coffee and lemon squash.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2017. By T.C. LoTempio. A Cat Rescue Mystery Volume 1. Starring Sydney McCall and Toby the ginger tabby.

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