The Lady Vanishes*

The Boss has bought me some new Spin shoes. Look:

I put them on and start the class wearing them but have to take them off as they’re too big, which is tragic as I love them.

Work as hard as I can but am impeded by the new shoes. Here is graph. Oh no it isn’t. Graph hasn’t uploaded. Never mind.

Have a lovely walk with Gandalf in the sunshine. Here we are:

I love Gandalf so much. I cuddle him and kiss him on the soft top of his head. I’m not going to see him for three weeks and will miss him.

At last it feels like Spring. It’s warmer – eleven degrees – and the Spring flowers are out: daffodils, crocuses and tulips.

Back feels a bit better and I manage the walk home from Gandalf.

Have lunch and settle down for my sleep early as I’m getting my Minx toes and lash tint at 5.30pm. Find myself crying in bed: I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m getting anxious about going Abroad. Also I’m writing about a difficult time in my life – an, even for me, particularly bad relationship with a twenty four year old when I was thirty one and writing about it brings it all back.

Get up after not sleeping at 2.30pm. Start writing and once I’m writing I feel better. New book is now 7,732 words.

My phone charger has stopped working so am borrowing one from Dad.

Right, had better post this as need a bath before I go out.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1938. Brilliant film directed by Alfred Hitchcock – his favourite of his films. Stars Michael Redgrave, Margaret Lockwood, Paul Lukas and May Whitty. Written by Sidney Gilliatt and Frank Launder, based on the story by Ethel Lina White.

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