The Cry Of The Owl*

Can’t sleep for ages last night: am still awake at midnight. Lying in my bed I hear the twit-twoo of the female tawny owl calling and the male answering her. So somewhere near my parental home there’s a pair of tawny owls. How exciting.

Mum wakes me up at 8.30am for Spin at 9.45am. Feel very tired. It’s The Master’s class and I just can’t get out of the green zone. Graph hasn’t uploaded so can’t show you. You can see me with The Boss in the attached photo.

Make a list for Mum of some essentials I need for holiday: saline solution, cleaning fluid and wetting and soaking solution for contact lenses. Mum has already bought deodorant and bath foam. Hope we have a bath. If we don’t, brother will let me have a go in his bath so that’s OK.

Dad drops me back at the flat and have lunch and a sleep. Wake up at 3.15pm. Boat Race coverage starts at 3.50pm.

Cambridge beat us Really Badly in the women’s and men’s races.

Finally settle down to my writing at six o’clock. New book now stands at 9,129 words. Will be over ten thousand words before I go to Abroad which is great. Am pleased with self.

Here is the fluffy monster sleeping last night:

Look at those furry apricot paws. He must be one of the most fluffy people in the world. And the loveliest and sweetest person that exists and the best at cuddles. I love my fluffy monster to distraction.

Now am going to make some supper and find something to watch on my television whilst knitting.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1962. By Patricia Highsmith. Brilliant psychological thriller novel. Read it.

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