Murder In The Bougainvillea*

I have an awareness of the panther padding around in the background waiting to pounce. It’s almost time for him and I can see him in the shadows and at the edges of things.

The house we’re staying in isn’t very nice and it’s affecting my mood, as is the break from my routine and from all the things that keep me well: Spin, my trainer, porridge – which I’m not allowed since it’s Passover – my dog clients, my gym.

Today we go to my brother’s house and wait there for Hannah’s brother and his husband who are visiting from Tel Aviv. Immediately my mood lifts: just on the walk there as we pass all the beautiful flowers:

Mum says this is a relation of laurel:

A poinsettia tree:

Top: white bougainvillea and below that orange bougainvillea, more orange bougainvillea below.

Above: Australian bottle brush tree. Below: hibiscus.

Above: pink bougainvillea.

We see someone vibrating and flapping wings very fast feeding from one of the flowers. It’s a hummingbird hawk moth which is exciting:

Am cheered up to see our chums. Here I am with one of them in the treehouse in the wadi. Wadi is Arabic and is the dried up course of a river down the mountain – a river valley:

Mum walks me home and I have a sleep. Must keep self busy and not leave any spaces for the panther to slink in. My mental health is fragile but there are things I can do to help self:

  1. Get up in the morning.
  2. Exercise.
  3. See other humans.
  4. Keep busy.
  5. Keep writing.
  6. It will help when I see my brother’s personal trainer.
  7. And go swimming in the sea.
  8. And when we do the historical tour one of my brother’s chums is taking us on.

I wish I had brought some knitting with me. It didn’t seem important to bring it but now the panther is slinking about in the shadows I could really do with the distraction of knitting.

I guess we’ll go out somewhere for dinner tonight. Just need to clean lenses which wore last night.

The attached photo is with my chum in the treehouse.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2015. By Gillian Adams. A Natasha Green Mystery book 1.


  1. Dee Sherriff · March 31

    Beautiful photos – hope you have a lovely time and that panther goes back into hibernation. I saw one of those hummingbird moths once – not somewhere hot like where you are, but in my back garden in North East Scotland. Flipping massive, but exciting to see one.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. L. Rorschach · March 31

    What a fun treehouse and gorgeous view! Keep that panther at bay. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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