A Burial At Sea*

A miracle has happened and we’re back in the lovely house we usually stay in. We move out of the hovel at midday today.

We walk to the shopping centre in the morning and I photograph myself in my embroidered denim shorts at the mall. The photo is attached.

We have lunch at my brother’s place and then move in to our lovely house. Hang up my dresses in the wardrobe and then go up for a sleep.

Now am lying on a sun lounger on the balcony where I can see this view:

It looks a bit different now as the sun has moved: that was the view this morning.

So, you know when restaurants are just open they have a soft launch. It feels like my depression is having a soft launch in this beautiful place whilst am holiday. The panther is here, but he’s on holiday too and is quite docile. It will be good to get the first ten days or so of low mood out of the way before get back to my life and dogs, as the first few days of a low mood are always the worst. It will also be helpful if it’s warmed up at home by the time we return…

As I lie on the sun lounger, the panther lies on the floor next to me, dozing in the sunshine, resting his heavy head on his front paws.

Am wearing my tiny sleepwear shorts and I have put on a few pounds over the nine month winter we’ve been subjected to, but it’s not the end of the world. I’ll just have to work hard to lose the weight when I get home. Refuse to waste precious holiday time worrying about it.

Already feel better to be in our beautiful house and am seeing brother’s trainer for another session tomorrow to which am looking forward. Glutes, abs and hamstrings all hurt from yesterday’s session which is good.

Am going to read my book The Women Who Flew For Hitler when have posted this. It’s so good.

At some point we will go out for supper.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2011. By Charles Finch. Book 5 in the Charles Lenox Mystery series, set in 1873 on the Suez Canal.


  1. Christopher · April 2

    You look sexy in those shorts so worry not xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. L. Rorschach · April 2

    Dammit regarding depression’s soft launch. I’m sorry. 😦 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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