To Kill A Labrador*

It’s 6.22pm. Have been sleeping and have just eaten a piece of matzah for a snack. That’s Passover for you.

Today we visit some friends in Netanya which has a horribly crowded beach. Have a quick swim in the sea but it’s windy and just can’t get dry so feel uncomfortable and wet.

My lunch is inedible. All the little annoyances mount up and seem insurmountable. That’s one aspect of depression: things that one ought to be able to cope with snowball and become uncopable-with.

It’s a relief to return to the house and have a sleep. The panther lies in bed with me as I write this, resting his heavy head in my lap. Stroking the soft back of his neck, I sip my coffee.

On the plus side: have started reading a proof copy of my chum Lex’s novel which has an acknowledgement to me in it, which is nice. It’s called Falling Short by Lex Coulton and is out in June. Heartily recommend it. There is a wonderful Labrador in it…

Can hear Mum frying something in the kitchen. Hopefully it’s nearly suppertime. Am hungry as didn’t get any lunch.

The attached photo is the sea in Netanya which would’ve been nice apart from all the other people.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2016. By Kassandra Lamb. Book 1 in the Marcia Banks and Buddy cozy mystery series.

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