Murder Beach*

Have just achieved a bath and have even washed hair.

We have training today with brother’s trainer and it is tough. Have attached photo of skateboard lunges. We also do triceps press-ups, skateboard abs exercises, kettlebell sumo squats and other things. Functional training is Hard Work. Trainer promises us that it will be weights tomorrow – yay!

Then we go to the beach. Mum takes a photo of me in a bikini:

My bikini body needs some work. See a girl wearing a swimsuit with cut-outs and one shoulder and think that maybe I will invest in one of them. My torso is too long to look that good in a bikini.

We have lunch at the beach which is nice.

Have been sleeping. We need to go out for dinner soon. The photos are taking ages to upload.

Am lying on my bed which now has sand in it from the beach. The panther lies next to me, resting his chin on my back. Have managed to get a bit sunburned on back.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1993. By Bridget McKenna. Book 1 in the Caley Burke Mystery series.

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