A Murder Of Crows*

Mum walks me to the studio this morning which is a thirty minute walk from the house.

Work hard at training: do lots of different weights – core rotation which you can see in the photo; bicep curls; lat pulldowns. Also various functional training exercises: jumping up onto a block; kettlebell shoulder presses; triceps dips. Trainer is pleased with me.

Mum meets me at the studio and we walk home.

Mum’s cousin comes to see us from Jerusalem and we all go to a Hummus restaurant for lunch which is lovely. Here is the front of their menu:

Brother drives me home after lunch: the others walk home. Have been sleeping and now am sitting on my terrace, drinking coffee and eating a banana. Can see the sea from here. It’s beautiful. Don’t want to go back to England.

Maybe will message a few of my chums to make some plans for when am back so will have something to look forward to.

The panther is draped across the edge of the terrace, just behind the railings. His tail dangles between the railings and he looks out to sea. I think he is watching the sunlight hitting the water. He doesn’t say anything: just gazes. into the distance. A hooded crow lands on the railings above my head and caws to the other crows in the vicinity.

Tomorrow brother goes back to work and we will attempt to get the bus to and from the beach.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2017. By Ian Skewis. A DCI Jack Russell Murder Mystery novel, set on the West Coast Of Scotland.

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