Dog Is In The Details*

Argh I have to pack. It’s 5.47pm. Piles of clothes are staring at me, reproachfully.

This morning brother goes to work and we catch the bus to the beach. See attached swimsuit photo. Have decided that I just look better in a swimsuit than in a bikini.

We see a Golden Retriever playing in the sea. He looks very happy as he splashes in the water.

On the walk back to the bus stop we see a lizard that looks like a gecko but bigger and black. Try to take a photo of him but he scurries away.

Mum has just come upstairs to tell me to pack.

The panther lies on the floor, grooming his flank. He rasps his fur with his sandpapery tongue.

Holiday has been a bit up and down due to the panther but feel very sad to be leaving brother and the sunshine.

Have a small patch of sunburn at the top of back which is sore. Shoulder has also been hurting today whilst carrying beach bag. Hospital have just messaged that am seeing my lovely physio on Thursday so can tell him about shoulder then.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2017. By Neil S. Plakcy. A Golden Retriever Murder Mystery.

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