Cat On A Hyacinth Hunt*

Work hard at first Spin class for more than two weeks. Here is graph:

Don’t make it into the yellow zone which isn’t great but will try again tomorrow. The attached photo is with The Master at Spin this morning.

See my physio and we do various shoulder exercises with weights in an attempt to strengthen shoulders. Have been having shoulder problems for Ages.

When I arrive home from the hospital the fluffy monster is here and I cuddle him. No photo of him I’m afraid as he’s still outside at 5.20pm.

Go for a walk around the garden with Mum after lunch. This fritillary is out now:

And these hyacinths:

Have a sleep after lunch and then wake up and start writing New Book. It’s now 12,270 words. Am pleased with self for getting straight back to it as soon as have arrived home.

Had better post this as New Chap’s flatmate is sending me something to proofread.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1998. By Carole Nelson Douglas. Book 9 in the Midnight Louie feline detective Mystery series.

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