The Groote Park Murder*

Work as hard as I can at Spin but the panther drags at my heels and I can’t get into the yellow zone. Am not going to attach graph which is all green zone.

Dr Stein my psychiatrist is encouraged that am not as depressed as have been in the past. He doesn’t want to raise antidepressant dose as last time I was on a higher-than-this dose of Venlafaxine my mood went very high and I ended up in the mental hospital with mania. He seems to think that the fact that mood isn’t that low means that it won’t stay down for too long. Let’s hope he’s right.

Parentals drive me back to flat. Then I go for a walk to local park to see if I can find anyone walking their dogs. Hand out a couple of my cards. It is warm in the park – seventeen degrees – and I take off my sweater.

Meditate but can’t sleep. Write some more of New Book which now stands at 14,480 words.

It’s 5.48pm. Need to unpack suitcase or at the very least, hang up dresses.

Tonight must catch up on The Assassination Of Gianni Versace – have missed three episodes I think.

The attached photo is today’s Spin outfit.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2001. By Freeman Wills Crofts. An Inspector Vandam Murder Mystery.

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