Shoulder The Sky*

Really don’t feel like going to the gym this morning but I force myself. Even manage to walk there, rather than taking an Uber. Spend an hour lifting weights: add in some shoulder ones to help my shoulder problem, as recommended by physio.

Back at the flat, I watch the two episodes of The Durrells that I missed whilst was away. Am now up to date with that, and Versace, and Ordeal By Innocence which finishes tonight. Tonight they will reveal the murderer which we already know will be the wrong murderer, which am Unhappy about.

Meditate but can’t sleep. Update my Instagram – adding some Spin photos, a couple with Gandalf and a camellia. Then return to New Book which now stands at 15,508 words.

So tonight have The Durrells before Ordeal By Innocence. Unpacking is all done – well done me.

I miss my fluffy monster. Hope Mum is managing to look after him.

Am sitting up in bed. The panther lies next to me, resting his head on my thighs. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Had better post this and then organise some supper.

The attached photo is today’s gym outfit.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2005. By Anne Perry. Book 2 in the World War I detective novel series.

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