The Shy Tulip Murders*

“So I ordered a mixture of tulips from the RHS and they’re meant to be pink and purple,” Mum says. We look at the tulips:

“Are they all yellow?” I say.

“No, it’s just the yellow ones have flowered first,” Mum says.

Let’s hope that the others are pink and purple.

Work hard at Spin this morning – see attached photo with The Master. My MyZone monitor has recovered from getting drowned in my bag, which is a relief as a new one would be £99.

After Spin I sit in the garden: it’s hot – it’s 26 degrees even now at five o’clock in the afternoon.

Spot the fluffy monster resting under a little table.

Have lunch outside with Dad and then have a sleep. When I wake up I work on New Book which now stands at 18,628 words.

Am sitting in the garden writing this on the swinging chair which is rotten in the middle and a couple of its slats have collapsed. The panther is stretched out on the grass next to me: sharpening his front claws on the wooden upright of the swinging chair. Am drinking lemon squash. It feels really hot.

The attached photo is with The Master at Spin this morning.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1996. By Rebecca Rothenberg. Book 3 in the Claire Sharples Mystery series.


  1. Bridey · April 20

    What nice daffodils!

    Liked by 1 person

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