The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers*

Work hard at Spin. It’s hot, but manage the standing flats, standing climbs and thirty five minutes of the class. Am hoping soon to manage the whole class. It will help once the panther’s gone but he’s still hanging around: dragging at my heels.

Wash self and hair. Then parentals drive me to West Hampstead and meet my blogging chum Christopher for lunch. This is the first time I’ve been out with a friend for months and obviously parentals drive me there and back. It is good to be out and to have a change of scene.

Have a sleep and now am watching the Men’s Doubles Final from the French Open with Mum. We forget to record today’s action from Eastbourne. On Monday it will be Wimbledon all the time for two weeks, so can’t wait for that.

It’s another hot day. It is too hot to sit outside at lunchtime. The fluffy monster is out there, probably sleeping under a bush somewhere. Spend a bit of quality time with him this morning, picking burrs out of his coat.

The attached photo is with The Master today at Spin.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2007. By Lilian Jackson Braun. The 29th book in The Cat Who series.

Closed Casket*

Work hard at Spin. Do all the standing flats and standing climbs and last thirty five minutes of the class.

Go into the village with Mum and make appointment for new Minx toes.

The cancer hospital phone. Am seeing my oncologist next Thursday and will probably start the chemo after that.

Have been reading the Sophie Hannah Poirot book Closed Casket. It is quite diverting but not a patch on a real Agatha Christie novel. It’s another hot sunny day and have been reading in the garden.

Watching Angelique Kerber vs Caroline Wozniacki from Eastbourne. Have just shelled the peas for supper and am drinking an iced coffee.

The panther lies on the floor on my feet. Dozing, he rests his head on my front paws.

The attached photo is with The Boss and my chum at Spin this morning.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2016. By Sophie Hannah. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Lending A Paw*

See the oncologist. He wants to give me a new sort of chemotherapy in tablet form. Also need more scans. This drug has some gruesome side effects: including very sore hands and feet. Not looking forward to more chemotherapy but will just have to be brave. He talks in terms of “containing” the cancer in the lungs. Let’s just hope it hasn’t spread anywhere else.

It’s 10.50am and the fluffy monster is prowling around looking for more breakfast. He is going to be disappointed as it’s not a meal time at the moment. Have attached a couple of photos of him for you.

Have just been for a walk with Mum and the panther. Breathing not too bad. Will see surgeon tomorrow for X-ray and lung surgery follow-up.

Today will have lunch and watch tennis from Eastbourne.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2013. By Laurie Cass. A Bookmobile Cat Mystery novel.

Alpaca Lies*

Go with Mum to a local activity farm to see the animals. We see these alpacas:

And these donkeys, including a donkey foal:

There used to be a Birds of Prey centre there but it is gone now. We don’t stay long and then go to the garden centre.

We watch Angelique Kerber beat a young American at Eastbourne on our return. It’s hot again today.

Now we’re watching Wimbledon qualifying. Dad is going out tonight and am going to watch Poirot with Mum.

Have been sleeping. On waking up, I shell the peas and broad beans. The panther lies next to me, resting his heavy head on my thighs.

*2016. By Elizabeth Coldwell. Paranormal romance. Contains alpacas.

Meows, Magic and Murder*

The above photo is one of Mum’s hanging baskets. Look at the dark petunias.

Have tried attaching my Spin photo but it just won’t work.

Work hard at Spin – do all the standing flats and standing climbs and stay for thirty five minutes. Then we go to the pet shop to purchase more food for the fluffy monster.

It’s a heat wave at the moment, so sit outside reading my book in the shade. Have lunch and then a nice long sleep.

Wake up and watch the tennis from Eastbourne. Jo Konta has just won her match and will play Caroline Wozniacki in the next round. Now Julia Goerges is playing Sabalenka. It looks hot in Eastbourne too.

After lunch I take a walk around the garden with Mum, looking at all the flowers. It’s too hot to be outside now.

Have my stitches removed at the doctor yesterday and have more scars where they’ve gone.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is sad. People are horrible to the dinosaurs. It’s still good to see them though, and to go to the cinema with Mum.

The panther is lying on top of me, making me hot. He rests his heavy head in my lap.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. By Madison Johns. Book 1 in the Lake Forest Witches Murder Mystery series.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom*

Have just woken up and am watching the tennis from Eastbourne. Andy is going to be playing Stan Wawrinka but they’re not up yet. First we have Caroline Wozniacki versus someone.

Get up this morning and go to the tennis club with Mum. Walk home from there. It’s a long walk with a couple of uphill stretches but manage it.

Now Mum is out playing bridge and Dad is taking me to the surgery to have my two sets of stitches removed.

One of Mum’s friends gives us a courgette. Show you:

Have been reading my Douglas Murray book in the garden. It is good but depressing. Poor Europe. The situation seems quite hopeless.

Tonight am going with Mum to see the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so hopefully that will cheer us up.

The panther lies on the floor at my feet, resting his chin on his front paws, huge amber eyes staring at the screen.

Haven’t seen the fluffy monster all day. He must be outside exercising or sleeping under a bush somewhere.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2018. Feature film. Directed by J.A. Bayona. Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall, Justice Smith. Written by Derek Connolly and Colin Trevorrow. Based on characters created by Michael Crichton.

Taken At The Flood*

Have just awoken from my sleep and am watching the final from Queens which we recorded. It’s Novak Djokovic vs Marin Cilic. Beautiful blue sky at Queens. Novak has held his serve in the first game and now Cilic serves.

This morning, go with Mum for a walk into the village. We see various of our canine chums and even some horses. Manage the walk there and back, which is long compared with my recent walks. There are inclines and I don’t get out of breath, so that’s good.

Haven’t seen the fluffy monster all day. He must be exercising very hard or sleeping under a bush or the hedge.

Have a lovely long sleep. Now it’s 5.01pm and am watching the tennis and waiting for Mum to return from a party.

Earlier in the day start reading this:

It is good but depressing.

The panther lies with his heavy head in my lap. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Last night we watch Taken At The Flood which is good.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1948. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot novel.

Bitter Harvest*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Cuddle the fluffy monster when he visits me in bed this morning.
  2. Work hard at Spin: manage all the standing climbs and standing flats and complete 35 minutes of the class:
  3. Have lunch in the garden.
  4. See my psychiatrist Dr Stein. He thinks my mood seems a bit brighter – hopefully panther will be gone soon. He says am brave.
  5. Have a lovely long sleep.
  6. Shell the broad beans:
  7. Now am watching the tennis. Novak has just beaten Jeremy Chardy and faces Marin Cilic in the final. Well done Novak. Hopefully we will get some doubles now.
  8. On Monday am going to see the new Jurassic World film with Mum.
  9. Oh, have a bath earlier.
  10. Will cuddle the fluffy monster again later.
  11. The panther lies with his head in my lap. I stroke the soft back of his neck.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1998. By Ann Rule. True crime.


Work hard at Spin again but WordPress won’t let me upload my Spin photo, for reasons unknown.

Have a lovely walk with Gandalf – see photos. Manage the whole walk – Mum doesn’t have to leave me on a log to rest. Kiss my Gandalf and cuddle him. The top of his head is very soft so I kiss him there.

It’s very dry in the woods. It hasn’t rained for weeks and the stream has dried up. There’s no mud anywhere so I don’t wear my wellies.

Gandalf picks up a couple of sticks but can’t be bothered to carry them very far: it’s hot and he’s panting.

Have a long sleep after lunch and have just woken up. It’s 6.18pm. Watching the tennis from Queen’s with Mum and the panther. We are on either end of the sofa with the panther stretched out between us.

Haven’t seen the fluffy monster all day. Last night he doesn’t come in till 9.30pm and am worried about him. Luckily he turns up eventually.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1976. By Ralph M Demers. Tennis novel set at Queen’s and Wimbledon.


Am watching Novak Djokovic versus Grigor Dimitrov at Queens. It’s three games all in the first set. It’s a lovely sunny day but not as hot as it has been – it’s 19 degrees today.

Work hard at Spin this morning. Manage all the standing flats and hill climbs and survive thirty five minutes of the class. Also achieve my walk this afternoon.It’s a bad day with the panther today. He follows me around, nipping at my heels. When I sit down, he lies on top of me, crushing my chest. It’s nearly time for him to go, I hope.

The fluffy monster has just been in for some more food but he has gone out again.

It’s 5 – 4 to Djokovic now. He is playing well which is good to see after his recent injury woes. And of course it is lovely to see grass court tennis.

Dimitrov is now serving to stay in the set. It’s 0 – 30 which isn’t good. “Two points from losing the set,” the commentator says. Now it’s 0 – 40. Three set points to Novak. Dimitrov claws one back: 15 – 40. Now it’s 30 – 40. A double fault from Dimitrov hands Novak the first set.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Gandalf tomorrow and cuddling him.

The attached photo is today at Spin.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1986. By Michael Mewshaw. Tennis novel.