Mum drives me to Dolly’s house so we can walk her. We don’t make it to the top of Primrose Hill, due to my breathing, but walk around the park through some trees. It is lovely to see Dolly and to cuddle her. You can see us in the above photos.

Mum has had an idea that we ought to go on a river cruise as that will be a low-stress holiday for me. We find one down the Rhine but that is sold out. The travel agency is attempting to find another one for us.

We are sitting in the garden. It’s not so hot today. It’s 22 degrees now at 6.02pm and was just 18 degrees when we walked Dolly.

The fluffy monster has come to join us and has flopped down under a little table.

Start my second cycle of chemotherapy drugs today and already have nausea and a new side effect: sore roof of mouth.

The panther lies on the grass grooming himself, rasping his flank with his sandpapery tongue.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2009. By Cathy MacPhail. Murder mystery novel.

Copycat Killing*

Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Master:

Here is graph:

Then we go to the cancer hospital so I can have my pre-chemotherapy blood tests. They ask Mum to return later in the afternoon to pick up the chemo drugs, after the blood results are in.

Have been sleeping from about 2.30pm till 6pm. Mum wakes me up with the fluffy monster and we hold him and remove some burrs from his thick tummy fur. He doesn’t like this and growls and we have to stop. We will have to do more later.

Have just had some melon and am drinking iced water. The panther lies on the floor at my feet, grooming himself. He rasps his flank with his sandpapery tongue.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2012. By Sofie Kelly. A Magical Cats Mystery Book 3.

The Master Of Rain*

It’s The Princess’s class at Spin this morning – you can see us in the above photo. Work really hard – graph hasn’t uploaded but there is some yellow in it for over-eighty-percent effort. How annoying that I can’t show you. Here’s a photo of the fluffy monster instead:

Then some parental friends come round for lunch. It’s Dad’s 75th birthday and we’re meant to be having a barbecue but it’s raining after two months of sunshine. So Mum puts all the barbecue food in the oven and we have a lovely lunch.

Some of the parental chums are still here, which is nice, so am going to talk to them.

The panther lies next to me on the spotty sofa. Resting my elbow on his flank, I feel his muscles beneath my arm. Stroking his soft fur, I listen to the conversation around me.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2003. By Tom Bradby. Murder novel set in Shanghai in 1926.

Cat Trick*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class – extended intervals – which means two working tracks then a recovery and repeat until the end of the class. You can see us in the above photo. Am managing the whole class now. Here is graph:

Here are some photos of the fluffy monster from yesterday:

He really is not just the most beautiful person in the world but also the sweetest and most affectionate and the best at cuddles. I love my fluffy so much. He has just been in but has gone out again.

The parentals are out at a tea party. Am sitting on the sofa drinking iced coffee. The fan is on but it’s not nearly so hot today – just 20 degrees now at six o’clock. I much prefer this to the hot weather.

The panther lies on the sofa next to me, resting his head in my lap. Stroking the soft back of his neck, I listen to the whirring of the fan.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2013. By Darlene Ryan. Murder mystery novel.

Death By Thunder*

Sitting outside with Mum under the umbrella. There is huge excitement here as it’s raining. It has cooled down a bit and can hear the pitter patter of raindrops on the canvas of the umbrella.

The fluffy monster is sheltering under a table because he wants to be outside with his family.

Walk Gandalf today. Here we are:

We pick Gandalf up from his house at 9.30am and it’s already hot. It’s cooler in the woods, where most of our walk takes place in the shade. By the time we take him home it’s 27 degrees which is Too Hot.

We go to the greengrocer at the farm. Apparently there is no cabbage as cabbages are dying in the heat, the same with lettuces and we’re going to have to import carrots and cauliflowers as it’s too hot and dry for them. Please let the heat wave end soon: it’s such a worry because of the dogs. Keep seeing articles on Facebook about people walking their dogs in the heat and healthy dogs dying of heatstroke, which is just awful.

“Did you heat that thunder,” Mum says, as a loud rumbling noise occurs. The rain seems to have stopped. Hopefully there will be more.

Mum is doing The Times crossword. The panther lies on the terrace at my feet, watching the dunnocks pick birdseed from the ground. There are blue tits and great tits on the peanut feeder.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2005. By Gretchen Sprague. A Martha Patterson Mystery.

In The Unlikely Event*

Have been looking after Gandalf all day at his house. Cuddle him and kiss him as much as I want.

Arrive at 11.20am or so and Mum picks me up at 5pm so achieve a whole day of work for the first time in about fifteen months. Since the work just involves cuddling my best boy whilst reading a book, plus occasional forays into the garden, it is most pleasant. Hope his owners ask me to do it again. Gandalf is the best company, of course.

Also read this entire book:

It’s a novel set in 1951 – 2, when, over a period of three months, three planes fell from the sky onto Elizabeth, New Jersey. So the action takes place against a backdrop of real events. Is excellent.

Am back at the parentals now, drinking iced coffee and sitting next to the fan. It’s the hottest day of the year: 32 degrees even now at 5.44pm. The panther lies on the floor at my feet: chin resting on his front paws, eyes closed. Every so often he twitches an ear.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2015. By Judy Blume. Adult fiction novel.

The Murder On The Links*

Mum takes me to Dolly’s house so we can walk her. I put my hand on the pavement for five seconds to make sure that it’s not too hot for her paws. We stick to shady areas and don’t climb up Primrose Hill. Am aware that dogs suffer in this heat. Dolly is fine but panting by the time we get her home.

We go out for lunch for Dad’s 75th birthday to Galvin at the Centurion. It is very nice: I have a mozzarella and yellow beetroot starter followed by gnocchi with broad beans and spinach. The other have meat and fish of various kinds. The restaurant overlooks a golf course. We sit outside for drinks first but it is Too Hot to have lunch outside.

The fluffy monster is inside now and I have already cuddled him. He’s so soft.

The panther lies next to me on the sofa, resting his heavy head in my lap.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1923. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel, featuring Captain Arthur Hastings.


It is Still Too Hot. Am sitting outside writing this, drinking iced water. Haven’t seen the fluffy monster all day – he’s probably asleep under a bush somewhere.

Today, for the first time since my operations, complete the whole Spin class, so am pleased with self. Here I am with The Master:

The Master is really pleased with me for completing the whole class.

Have been reading my book: Travellers In The Third Reich. It is excellent. Am up to 1939 now so am nearly finished, sadly.

Mum is pottering about the garden watering flowers. Don’t know where Dad is. Can hear a wood pigeon cooing.

We’ve started watching Unforgotten, which is good. We’re just at the start of series one and series three is now showing, so we have plenty of it left to watch.

Speak to Dolly’s owner earlier to see if she wants Dolly walked in this heat, and she does, so walking her tomorrow. It should be 23 – 25 degrees when am out with her.

The panther lies on the glass table in front of me, swishing his tail.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. TV series written and created by Chris Lang. Directed by Andy Wilson. Stars Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Lewis Reeves and Jordan Long.

Deadly Heat*

Work hard at Spin but struggle even to get into the green zone. Here is graph:

Still the important thing is that I keep going to Spin and keep trying.

Have just been at Gandalf’s house: getting keys and practising unlocking the door and so on. Am looking after my favourite boy for the day on Thursday. Am excited. I just have to sit with him and cuddle him and provide company for him.

Am sitting in the living room with the fan on. It’s hot again today: 32 degrees. Have been sleeping.

The parentals have been out all day at an exhibition. The fluffy monster has just been in, looking for food. Put him outside again.

The panther lies on the sofa next to me, resting his heavy head on my thighs.

Today is the last day of my chemotherapy drugs before I have a week off. It will be interesting to see whether or not I feel any better when I’m not taking them.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2013. By Richard Castle. Book 5 in the Nikki Heat series of detective novels.

The Body In The Library*

Do what I can at Spin. It’s The Boss’s class – here we are:

Here is graph:

After lunch I go for a walk with Mum. I have been sleeping for ages: wake up at 5.45pm.

Am sad because a year ago today I was with New Chap. Look:

My health has deteriorated so much since then. He’s meant to be visiting me “over the summer” but I don’t know when. I miss him.

On the plus side: have just rescued a beautiful dragonfly which was buzzing around the windows in the living room. Think he’s this one: the Emperor dragonfly:

Last night we watch The Body In The Library, which is good.

It’s hot again today so am sitting on the grey sofa with the fan on. The panther lies on the floor at my feet, chin resting on his front paws.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1942. By Agatha Christie. Miss Marple detective novel.