Third Girl*

It’s The Master’s class at Spin today. You can see me with The Boss in the above photo. The class is Extended Intervals which is a 2:1 ratio of working tracks to rests, so graph ought to be 2 yellow sections then a green one. Let’s take a look:

OK it’s not quite a 2:1 ratio of yellow to green, but there’s a fair bit of yellow so am pleased.

At midday meet new client who is a fifteen week old German Shepherd called Prince. Here he is:

He is such a gorgeous and adorable boy. Am going to be looking after him on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Will take him for a twenty minute walk – mustn’t walk him for too long whilst he’s still growing. Am going to continue and reinforce the training that his owner is doing with him: keeping four paws on the floor; sit; stay; leave it; down and so on.

He is a clever boy and understands these commands but sometimes is not sure whether or not he wants to obey them. If he does a bad behaviour, have to walk away from him with a blank expression. Owner is doing positive reinforcement training, which is good of course.

Haven’t trained a puppy before: it’s going to be Hard Work but am looking forward to it and to spending time with Prince. He is wonderful.

It’s been raining All Day and someone has been inside a lot:

He seems quite a lot better: is eating and behaving normally, although he hasn’t said anything today and usually he’s a chatty person. Have to wait for him to wake up and then can put the anti-fur-ball paste on his paw. He’s meant to lick it off but last time he wiped it onto the carpet. He’s already put himself to bed in the parental wardrobe.

Last night we watch Third Girl which is excellent. Some parental chums come round for lunch. It is lovely to see them.

Have been sleeping from three o’clock till six o’clock. The chemotherapy drugs are making me really tired. Now am huddled under my crochet blanket: it’s cold – sixteen degrees.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1966. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel featuring Ariadne Oliver.

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