Murder Over A Pheasant Feather*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Walk Gandalf in the woods. Here we are:
  2. After the walk, cuddle him in his house:
  3. Watch an episode of Grantchester whilst knitting.
  4. There was frost last night so the begonias have suffered:
  5. The pansies are OK though:
  6. Have a sleep.
  7. Post pictures of Gandalf on Instagram.
  8. Record a horror film last night so am going to watch that whilst knitting.
  9. Am just going to look for my fluffy monster.
  10. Found him:
  11. See a pheasant in the garden and run out to photograph him but he saunters off down the slope.
  12. Have bath earlier.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2017. By Robert Linori. Short story.

Bohemian Rhapsody*

Dolly is so pleased to see me for the first time in three weeks. She jumps up and rugby tackles me from behind which she’s not meant to do. Here we are:

She dribbles a long streak of drool onto my leg. We have a cold walk but at least it doesn’t rain.

Back at the parentals, I take some photographs in the garden. The begonias are still going:

The red bed still looks good:

This one is new:

Gladioli in the hall:

The fluffy monster is sleeping in his bed again. Look how sweet he is:

Facebook comes up with this photo of him, five years ago today:

He has just woken up and is sitting at the top of the stairs. He probably wants something to eat but it’s not a mealtime – it’s 5.33pm. I can hear him sneezing. No-one knows why he’s still sneezing – it’s a mystery.

Ignore the bad reviews and drag yourselves to see Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s wonderful. Rami Malek is great as Freddy – all the acting and casting is very good. If you like the music of Queen you’ll love it I think. We really enjoy it and even though it’s two hours and fourteen minutes, feel gripped throughout and don’t want it to end. Also Freddy’s cats are lovely.

Mum is out. Dad is in his office. Am going to watch some more Grantchester and knit.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2018. Feature film starring Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Ben Hardy and Joseph Mazzello. Directed by Bryan Singer. Written by Anthony McCarten and Peter Morgan. A chronicle of the years leading up to Queen’s legendary appearance at the Live Aid (1985) concert.

Man In The Attic*

Have lots of energy at personal training today and trainer is pleased with me. You can see Assisted Pull-Ups in the photo above. We pack in lots of different exercises. Also achieve walks to and from the gym.

Back at the flat: make lunch and have a small sleep. Now am sitting up in bed drinking coffee and waiting for Suzy. We are not only going to see Bohemian Rhapsody but also going out for dinner. It has become coat weather – my weather app says that it’s going to be five degrees later. Wish was back in Serbia where it was twenty five degrees. Five is too cold. Also it is nearly dark at 4.40pm.

Anyway: KBO. It will be good to see my chum and to go out. Let’s hope that the film is better than the reviews say it is. Not that I’ve actually read any reviews, not doing that to self, but have heard that they’re bad. Anyway, DoesMyBumLook40 on Instagram says that if you love the music of Queen – which I do – you will love the film. And even if we don’t love the film, we’ll be in my lovely, comfortable cinema in a booth at the side. So am looking forward to it – haven’t been to the cinema for ages.

Last night: watch Man In The Attic. It is great fun. Recommend it. Record it a while ago from Talking Pictures, Channel 81 on Freeview, which, if you haven’t yet come across it, is a brilliant new channel showing old films.

Today is National Cat Day so make sure to give your cats extra cuddles. Am not with my fluffy monster today so just have to hope that the parentals are giving him enough cuddles.

Here he is a year ago today:

And here’s a photo that Mum took of him today in his bed. He never goes in his bed, so this is exciting:

Happy Monday everyone!

*1953. Mystery thriller film. Stars Constance Smith, Jack Palance, Byron Palmer and Frances Bavier. Written by Robert Presnell Jr and Barre Lyndon. Based on The Lodger by Marie Belloc Lowndes. Directed by Hugo Fregonese. After an enigmatic self-described pathologist rents the attic room of a Victorian house, his landlady begins to suspect her lodger is Jack The Ripper.

Murder Packs A Suitcase*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Master’s class, you can see us in the above photo. Here is graph:

Look at all that yellow for over eighty percent effort.

Next Saturday have my six hour Spin event. Am looking forward to it. Enjoyed it So Much last time.

Tragically my suitcase committed suicide at the end of the holiday – his zip broke. So, back at the flat unpack him and then give him to Mum. Dad will take him to the dump. For the first time in adult life, need a new suitcase. Am going to try to find one who isn’t black.

Back at the flat, Mum plants my pots with daffodils and irises for the spring. So that is something to look forward to.

Have a sleep and now am drinking lemon squash in bed and thinking about supper.

Cuddle the fluffy monster this morning. He is so soft and orange.

It’s lovely to be in warm flat. It’s 5.28pm and is already dark outside. Will find something to watch on my television.

This is the first time have been on own in flat for ages and it is nice to be here.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2008. By Cynthia Baxter. Murder Packs A Suitcase Book 1. Stars Mallory Marlowe. Set in Florida.

Halloween Is Murder*

It’s Halloween Spin today. Here I am with The Princess and The Master. The Princess takes the first half of the class and The Master teaches the second half.

The Princess is a pumpkin and The Master is a zombie.

Here is Zo the Zombie:

His eyes light up red and he makes scary noises.

Here is graph:

Work hard. Am able to work extra hard as am not on the chemotherapy. Feel so much better off it. You can see lots of yellow for over eighty percent effort.

See psychiatrist Dr Stein who is pleased with me as Mood is good.

The fluffy monster has been inside a lot today as it’s So Cold outside. Have had some lovely cuddles with him today. Here he is:

We have some people coming for dinner so am going to help Mum now.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2017. By Carolyn Arnold. Book 11 in the McKinley Mysteries. Cozy mystery novel.

Setting Free The Bears*

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Master’s class – here we are:

Here is graph:

As you can see, am doing much better at Spin now am not on chemotherapy.

Then we go to Whipsnade to see the tiger cubs. Here they are with their mother:

Two of the cubs are right at the front but we’re not able to be any closer to them in case their mum gets upset and we really really don’t want that to happen so am sorry that you can’t see two of the cubs very well but it’s just one of those things.

Then we see the Asian rhino:

And the elephants:

One of the baby elephants, possibly Elizabeth, is playing with a huge ball, which is really sweet. She is too far away for a photo though.

Here are some of the yaks:

We have an excellent view of one of the bears. Show you:

We also have a lovely lunch as there’s a branch of the River Cottage Deli there. So have grilled cauliflower with lentils and chickpeas. It is good.

Also see a sloth bear but he isn’t in a good position for a photo. He is lovely and fluffy.

Here is my fluffy monster who is now in for the evening:

Gardeners’ World is now having a break for the winter so don’t know what we will watch this evening. Will miss Monty, Nigel and Nell. Started watching Trust with Dad and we also have a Hedy Lamarr film recorded a while ago: Experiment Perilous.

Have my sleep late when we return from Whipsnade so am only just up and about since about 5.30pm. It’s dark now at 6.10pm which is No Good.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1968. By John Irving. His first novel, set in Vienna.

Pansy Cottage*

Work hard at first Spin class back after more than a week. You can see me with The Master in the above photo.

It’s the Slave Driver’s class and push self. Show you graph:

Look at all that yellow – over eighty percent effort. Am stronger now have stopped the chemotherapy.

We go to the garden centre to choose some pansies. Here they are. Look at their hopeful little faces:

Find the fluffy monster sleeping on my bed and put him outside.

Watch an episode of Nazi Treasure Hunters with Dad about the fifty kilograms of gold that Walter Rauff stole from the Jewish community of Tunis. The treasure hunters don’t manage to find it, sadly.

Have been sleeping. Now am sitting up in bed writing this. The fluffy monster is out. Mum is at bridge.

Had better post this and then have a bath.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2015. By Barbara Silkstone. A Mr Darcy comedic Mystery, Book 4.


Walk Gandalf in the woods. Here we are:

It is so lovely to see him. I missed him. Cuddle him and kiss him on the top of his head.

Take him home and sit with him at his house for a bit. Here he is resting on the floor:

Mum wants me to show you Amistad:

And Hot Lips:

After walking Gandalf we pick up the fluffy monster from the cattery.

“Did you give him his extra cuddles?” I ask the girl at the cattery.

“It’s impossible to go in there without cuddling him,” she says. “He’s so lovely.”

As we approach the pen he starts miaowing.

“Hello fluffy,” I say.

Mum picks him up and cuddles him and then puts him in his carrier.

He is happy to be home and has been outside in the sunshine. Now he is inside and from my bedroom can hear him asking Dad for food. He won’t be successful though as it’s not a mealtime.

Am really not looking forward to seeing oncologist later. Will report back on what he says tomorrow.

Am writing this in bed. Have been sleeping.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*1997. Feature film. Directed by Stephen Spielberg. Written by David Franzoni. Stars Djimon Hounsou, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins and Matthew McConaughey.

Meows, Magic and Murder*

Last session in the tiny gym after breakfast this morning. Here I am:

Do four sets of all my weights and am pleased with self: have achieved four gym sessions and a swim on the cruise.

Here is the pool:

Isn’t it lovely.

We have just arrived home and the house is So Cold. Am huddled under blanket in front of a channel 5 programme called World’s Most Vicious Beasts. There is a bird that ate horses and now here is Smilodon.

Unfortunately we’ve arrived home just too late to pick up the fluffy monster so will fetch him tomorrow straight after walking Gandalf. Can’t wait to see my fluffy monster and cuddle him.

In other sad news: zip of suitcase is broken. It arrived on the baggage carousel open with shoes falling out. Hopefully haven’t lost anything.

Am missing being on the boat. Wish could have stayed longer. Not looking forward to seeing oncologist tomorrow, but first we will buy pansies from the garden centre.

Right: am going to knit. Have missed my knitting.

Mum is making spaghetti for supper. Am looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. By Madison Johns. A Lake Forest Witches cozy Mystery novel, Book 1.

Budapest Noir*

Last night’s dress is L’onkel from Myla Clare:

This morning we go on a coach tour of Budapest.

Here is the parliament building:

The WiFi is suddenly not working properly, now that I need it and have a meeting with the cruise director in a mere 45 minutes. Will have to use the last of my 4G.

Here is the church of St Matyas. Notice the pyrogranite tiles:

Here is the interior:

The interior has an Eastern flavour as you can see. It’s a reconstruction of what the interior would have looked like before the Ottoman period.

The stained glass windows survived the Second World War as they spent the war in the basement of the church.

Here is King, later Saint Stephen. Notice his halo:

Here I am in the tiny gym just now:

Do all my weights.

Oh I wish I could stay on the ship. Feel physically better than have for Ages. Don’t want to go home and be experimented on by oncologists.

Right: had better get dressed for dinner.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2008. By Vilmos Kondor. Hungarian noir thriller set in Budapest.