Love Of My Life*

See above: fluffy monster this morning; Spin photos with The Master and fluffy at lunchtime.

Go to garden centre with Mum. Purchase a beautiful doormat adorned with a pheasant; a reusable coffee cup; thermal gloves and a coconut filled with fat for my birds.

Am writing this on my new iPhone 7 which has taken about three hours to set up.

Have been tidying bedroom again.

It was zero degrees this morning and Mum had to scrape ice off the car.

Lunch was minestrone soup with pesto, bread, marmite and cheddar. And a piece of fudge and a Diet Coke.

Am lying on my bed writing this. Tired. Was awake at 5.30am this morning.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1979. Song by Queen on the album A Night At The Opera.

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