Work hard at Spin. Here I am with The Master:

Then when I get home my Ciaté glitter flip lipsticks have arrived:

Here is a photo of me in the nude one:

Have a bath and then watch Poirot and knit after lunch.

Have booked to see Disobedience on Saturday, the adaptation of the Naomi Alderman book about two lesbians in the Hendon Jewish community played by Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams. Going to my lovely Everyman cinema. Can’t wait.

It’s raining and someone has come in and squeezed himself into his bed:

After Spin we take his new bed that he’s never touched to the Animal Welfare Trust for a pussy who doesn’t have a home. Can hear all the dogs barking who don’t have homes which makes me feel sad.

Feel much better now am with my parentals and my fluffy. Spin, Pilates and Gandalf tomorrow and something at Beauty Salon: lashes, nails or Minx toes.

Am under my furry blanket drinking coffee. Mum is sitting next to me doing the Codeword.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2017. Feature film. Directed by Sebastian Leilo. Written by Sebastian Leilo and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, adapted from the book by Naomi Alderman. Stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, Alessandro Nivola and Anton Lesser.

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