The Secret Life Of The Zoo*

Wake up at 5.30am but go back to sleep till 7.45am. Bliss.

It’s a Spin-and-Pilates day today. Here are photos:

Fluffy is in now and curled up on his pink chair with his head under his front paws:

You can see an ear sticking out.

Have been sleeping. Now that afternoon sleep is back, Dr Stein tells me yesterday to put antidepressant dose up by 37.5mg. Don’t want to get depressed, obviously.

Tomorrow I have Spin and then am looking after my new Shiba Inu client all day at her house. Am looking forward to it.

It’s dark now at 4.38pm which I hate.

It’s Friday so we will have a nice dinner. Think am getting my spinach and mushroom bottomless quiche and we have a sprout tree:

Am going to watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo and knit.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2016. TV series set at Chester Zoo. Wonderful.

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