The Word Is Murder*

Go to the gym and do four sets of all my weights:

Go to Hampstead to meet my chum and we meet a therapy Leonberger – he goes into twenty different hospitals to visit the patients. His fur is so soft and he’s so gentle:

Come back and have lunch and a sleep. Am still tired but have a coffee.

Have just woken up. My cleaner has been. Mum drops off my Vivienne Westwood gold dress: the dress code tonight is Gold And Sparkly. Cab is coming at 7.30pm. I’m excited about tonight.

Finish The Sentence Is Death and start the previous book in the series: The Word Is Murder.

Happy New Year everyone!

*2017. By Anthony Horowitz. The first Daniel Hawthorne Murder mystery.

The Yellow Iris*

Go to the gym early: I’m there by 9.30am. Do four sets of all my weights. Here I am:

I miss my trainer. Not sure when she returns from her holiday.

Buy The Sunday Times and read the Style and the magazine.

Lunch is beetroot hummus, avocado, spinach and felafel.

Now I’m knitting 🧶 and watching Silent Witness. Will watch Poirot in The Yellow Iris later. Am looking forward to going out tomorrow for New Year’s Eve, after gym and a walk with this person:

Have a coffee. Am drinking lemon squash. Eat an orange and a pear.

I miss my fluffy monster. Hope that Mum is giving him plenty of cuddles: he needs Lots.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1937. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot mystery, written as a radio play.

The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding*

Do Spin and Barre. See photos.

Then Dad drops me back at the flat and I watch a Silent Witness whilst knitting. Have spinach, felafel, hummus and avocado for lunch.

Bring my sequinned Rixo dress and my black boots and some tights back to the flat to wear for New Year’s Eve when I’m going to a Private Members’ Club with brother’s best friend. Am looking forward to it. Also bring my fake hair.

See my fluffy for a quick chat before heading back to the flat. I love that fluffy monster to distraction. Here he is last night:

Sleep. Wake up and have a bath.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1960. By Agatha Christie. Title story in a short story collection. A Hercule Poirot mystery.

Summer And Smoke*

Walk to the gym this morning. Do four sets of all my weights and then walk back to the flat.

Walk to the underground station with brother. Catch the tube to Leicester Square. Have lunch at a Thai restaurant and then go to the National Gallery where we see some old chums:

Surprised! By Henri Rousseau;

The Hay Wain by John Constable:

Whistlejacket by George Stubbs;

There is also an exhibition about Landseer’s The Monarch Of The Glen which is good.

See Summer And Smoke at the Duke Of York’s Theatre which is excellent. Now we are on the way home for supper.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1948. Play by Tennessee Williams.

Agatha And The Truth Of Murder*

Do the Turkey Burner 🦃 ninety minute ride this morning. Here we are:

Come home and my aunt comes round for lunch. Unfortunately I am sick. Go to bed.

Wake up and this person has come in and is sleeping:

Need to get dressed as we’re going to see Uncle Vanya at Hampstead Theatre and then I’m staying at flat as it’s a matinee of Summer And Smoke tomorrow. Will go to my gym near the flat and lift some weights.

Last night we watch Agatha And The Truth Of Murder which is silly. We’re recording The ABC Murders to watch at a later date.

Happy Thursday everyone!



*2018.  Television drama about Agatha Christie’s disappearance.

The Sentence Is Death*

Go out for the Traditional Boxing Day walk on the Heath with my chums. Here we are:

We walk for about two and a half hours. I give out a few dog walking cards. See a black chow who looks like a little black cloud. A green woodpecker takes off from the ground in front of us in a burst of green, yellow and red.

It’s good to see my friends, haven’t seen some of them for two years.

Eventually we have lunch. I have a Halloumi salad:

Take the underground back to Edgware and Dad picks me up.

When I arrive home this person is in for the evening already, here he is:

Have a small sleep and then the pineapple 🍍 that Mum cut up for me yesterday with my coffee. It’s getting dark now at 4.17pm.

Have started the new Anthony Horowitz book The Sentence Is Death.

Now we are going to make a start on the Christmas television.

Here is my aunt’s Christmas tree from yesterday:

I don’t do well last night: am resting in my aunt’s bed by 7.40pm.

Have moved Dolly to Wednesday next week so I can have a late night on New Year’s Eve.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!

*2018. By Anthony Horowitz. Book 2 in the Detective Daniel Hawthorne series.

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas*

Just a quick one as I have to go to my aunt for dinner.

There is the world’s most beautiful fluffy who is now behind the sofa sleeping.

Go for a walk this morning with Mum. No rest for the Self-employed – have just walked a dog:

Last night I go out with brother and some of his friends to the pub. Here they are:

The pub Christmas tree:

Here is brother wearing the scarf I knitted for him:

I am wearing a Frank Lyman top from Myla Clare.

Right: had better go and get dressed.

Merry Christmas everyone!

*1938. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Dumb Witness*

Watch Dumb Witness before Suzy picks me up this morning. It’s one of my favourite Poirot Mysteries, starring the inimitable Bob the fox terrier.

Then walk Dolly: here we are –

We have lovely cuddles.

Mum picks me up from the flat and brings me home for lunch.

Have a sleep. Now am watching Silent Witness with my fluffy:

My next work appointment is with Dolly at ten o’clock in the morning on New Year’s Day.

Merry Christmas everyone!

*1937. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd*

Work hard at the gym: do four sets of all my weights. Spend an hour there.

Walk home and knit 🧶 whilst watching Silent Witness. Have lunch: felafel and hummus with avocado and spinach. Have a rest but don’t sleep.

Get up and have a coffee and a raw carrot. Here is my new Shiba Inu plushie:

He’s called Sheldon.

Now am watching The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd and knitting.

Suzy is coming to stay tonight and will walk Dolly with me in the morning, which will be my last dog walk before Christmas.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1926. By Agatha Christie. The third Hercule Poirot novel. It is generally acknowledged to be Christie’s masterpiece.

Lord Edgware Dies*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Wake up at seven o’clock as am seeing my psychiatrist Dr Stein at 8.30am.
  2. Dr Stein is pleased with me that mood is no longer really high.
  3. Do Barre:
  4. Mum drives me back to flat and I make lunch.
  5. Read The Goddess Revolution. It is all about self compassion and so on. It’s good:
  6. Speak to Suzy who is coming to walk Dolly with me on Monday – yay.
  7. My favourite person visits me and we have cuddles:
  8. Set the recorder for the new Watership Down which looks rubbish but will give it a go.
  9. Now am going to tidy up.
  10. Going to watch Lord Edgware Dies and knit later.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1933. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.