Gone With The Wind*

It’s Spin and Pilates today. There is a BBC newsreader there – see her below in the photo with The Boss and me:

Then I meet my chum for lunch here:


I have the breakfast salad which I always order:

Come home and have a sleep.

Now we’re watching Jamie’s Quick And Easy Christmas. There is a Christmas-tree-shaped bread with baked Camembert which looks amazing.

Tonight is the Cyclezone party and have washed self and cleaned contact lenses. Will wear my sequinned Rixo dress again, face jewels and my Hobbs black shoes with diamonds 💎.

The fluffy monster is sleeping behind the sofa against the radiator.

We are going to watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo Christmas special after this.

Can’t wait for our Christmas edition of The Sunday Times Culture so can see when Gone With The Wind is on and sort out what to watch over the festive period.

Happy Friday everyone!

*1936. By Margaret Mitchell. Novel. The source material for the greatest film of all time!

Murder On The Links*

Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Go to Spin – see photo with The Boss:
  2. It’s the Slave Driver’s Class: high end endurance – and work hard.
  3. Go with Mum to take some of fluffy’s toys and treats to the Animal Welfare Trust for pussycats who don’t have loving families at Christmas.
  4. Go to beautician to get Christmas nails and lash tint. Show you nails:
  5. Here is the Christmas Tree 🎄 at beauty salon:
  6. Have lunch and a rest but don’t sleep.
  7. Make mince pies with Mum.
  8. Help Mum with new jigsaw.
  9. Book first practical Pilates weekend for March.
  10. Have signed up for an online Self Improvement Course here: http://www.members.melwells.com.
  11. Did Module One last night and am going to crack on with it now.
  12. Parentals are going out later so will watch Silent Witness with my fluffy monster and knit.
  13. Last night we watch Murder On The Links which is good.
  14. It’s dark. Time to improve self.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1923. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

Any Human Heart*

See my best boy early this morning:

We have lots of cuddles. Love this boy.

Then dress for the Absolute Radio Christmas Party:

Sequins and face jewels for daytime are go.

Meet Richie Firth and Andy Bush:

Which is exciting.

Chat to the other people who include another writer; a dressmaker; an actress; a sign language interpreter; a Norfolk farmer; a hairdresser turned counsellor; a builder; a freelance PR consultant; a dance teacher and a plumber. As well as the presenters and producers of the radio station.

Have such fun. The food is lovely: heritage carrot and chicory salad; gnocchi with sprouts and cheesecake.

Have a rest at home but don’t sleep.

Now am watching Nazi Murder Mysteries about the Nassau, Bahamas murder of Sir Harry Oakes which appears in Any Human Heart by William Boyd.

Am going to knit and watch Poirot later.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2002. By William Boyd. Literary fiction novel. Brilliant.

Hickory Dickory Dock*

Hopefully Mum will pick me up and take me back to my fluffy monster soon. It’s 4.22pm. Have been sleeping and when I wake up it’s dark.

This morning walk Dolly and cuddle her a lot. I love that big soppy fluff ball. Here we are:

Then Mum brings me back to the flat and I have lunch:

Raw Red cabbage with felafel, hummus and lime juice.

Fit in a cheeky episode of Silent Witness before Dolly.

Need to dress and unload dishwasher and pack up my Hobbs shoes to wear at the Cyclezone party on Friday night.

Am excited about Absolute Radio Party tomorrow but first I see my darling Gandalf. Going to wear my Rixo dress:

Watch Hickory Dickory Dock last night whilst knitting. Haven’t seen it for a while and it’s still good. Have recorded some films from Talking Pictures to watch next time am here.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1955. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot detective novel.

The Chocolate Box*

Watch Silent Witness and knit last night. New scarf is coming along. It is for Dolly’s owner. I don’t know why I’ve only just discovered Silent Witness, two hundred episodes in, but I’m so glad that I have. And of course there are almost two hundred episodes left to watch which should take me to the end of my life.

Don’t know why we were never talked to at school about the police as a career: I reckon I could’ve been a pathologist. Or a detective. It’s a shame.

Wake up and go to the gym this morning, with my new phone case and vest top from Ryder, my favourite Instagram Samoyed @samdersoncooper_samoyed. I love them:

Do four sets of all my weights and walk home in the sunshine.

Finish Kate Humble’s book about walking: Thinking On My Feet. It’s good.

Have just been watching Poirot and knitting: The Chocolate Box. Have Hickory Dickory Dock recording to watch later.

My cleaner has been and the flat is all tidy. Have even put the washing away.

Am looking forward to my two Christmas Parties this week and have some new face jewels to wear at them.

Just watching The Secret Life Of The Zoo. Tragically, Chester Zoo where it was filmed has just suffered a fire. Some birds, fish and frogs died. Thank G-d most of the animals are unharmed.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1974. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story that appears in Poirot’s Early Cases. It takes place in Belgium when Poirot is a young man.

Flowers And Foul Play*

It’s an exciting Team Teach at The Boss’s class today:

The team is The Boss and the tall chap on the left who sounds South African but is apparently from Watford. Work hard.

Dad drives me back to flat. Then I walk this person:

We meet Nimbus, a Keeshond who I’ve met before. I wish he was my dog:

See these flowers at the two florists in Primrose Hill:

My Rabbi visits me at the flat. It’s lovely to see her.

Now am thinking about:

  1. Supper.
  2. What to watch later.
  3. Knitting.
  4. Unloading the washing machine.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*2018. By Amanda Flower. A Magic Garden mystery, Book 1, starring florist Fiona Knox. Set in the Scottish Highlands.

Dyeing Up Loose Ends*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Wake up about five minutes to eight.
  2. Make breakfast and cuddle my fluffy.
  3. Receive message delaying my Shiba Inu walk till tomorrow.
  4. Book self on to Barre today and Spin tomorrow.
  5. Go to Spin:
  6. And Barre:
  7. Go to the Garden Centre with Mum, our favourite place:
  8. Come home to find this person on the hall sofa:
  9. Have lunch and a sleep.
  10. Watch an episode of Nazi Murder Mysteries about Hitler’s niece Geli who am sure was murdered.
  11. Whilst knitting new scarf for Dolly’s owner:
  12. Last night we watch an episode of Silent Witness.
  13. The parentals are going out tonight and will watch more Silent Witness with the fluffy monster. He is collapsed on the piano stool with his face up against the radiator, sleeping.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2018. By Maggie Sefton. Book 16 in the Kelly Flynn series of knitting mysteries 🧶.

Nazi Murder Mysteries*

Make it to Spin:

And Pilates:

You can see that my arm is swollen because of the lymphodoema. Need to get a special compression cuff for arm but have to see doctor so that will have to wait till next week.

Work hard at both my classes.

This person sits on the dining room table:

Now he is sleeping behind the grey sofa on which am sitting.

Mum is in the kitchen making supper. Am going to go into bedroom and lie down on bed for a bit. Missed sleep as hospital called.

In exciting news: have won a competition to attend the Absolute Radio Christmas Party. It’s next Wednesday and includes a three course meal at a central London venue. Even better, it’s in the day. Am excited. The radio presenters will be there and the twenty competition winners.

This afternoon watch Nazi Murder Mysteries On Yesterday – a new series which must’ve been created with me in mind. Today’s episode was about how Goering got hold of his fatal cyanide pill… Am going to watch the other episodes on the Amazon Firestick.

In important knitting news: have at long last finished the scarf for brother – yay – and have just begun one for Dolly’s owner.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2018. TV series that is showing on the Yesterday Channel.

A Caribbean Mystery*

Sleep in until Mum wakes me up at eight o’clock which is a sure sign that mood isn’t as high as it was, which is good.

Work hard at Spin:

Then we visit Mum’s Tennis partner, her Labrador and Christmas tree:

She gives me a little knitted Christmas pudding:

Lunch is Mum’s vegetable curry:

Fluffy comes in and I put him out again:

Have a small sleep, watch The Secret Life Of The Zoo and now am watching A Caribbean Mystery: good old Marple.

Need to get on with my knitting 🧶 – am still working on my brother’s scarf and am desperate to finish it. The fluffy monster is in now and sleeping on the spotty sofa. That’s his activity for the day done.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*1964. By Agatha Christie. Miss Marple detective novel.

Thinking On My Feet*

Sleep in till 7.20am. Then look after this boy from 9am to 12pm. Kiss and cuddle him a lot.

Then walk into the village and back and take some photos:

I have Big News: have just booked self onto the Train Fitness Pilates Instructor Course. I’m going to learn how to teach Pilates. Am so excited. Have to make a Study Plan on the app. Also have to learn lots of things. There are three Practical Weekends but have to get going with the Online Study first.

Someone is sleeping on the adjacent sofa:

I love that fluffy monster. Oh, he’s moved. One sec…

I’m so excited. I’m going to be a proper person who Does Things. I’m going to be studying again. It’s the best thing ever. Also I can do my training hours with my current lovely Pilates teacher so that’s good.

Start reading Kate Humble’s memoir Thinking On My Feet last night which is all about going for walks. It’s very well-written and of course signed by the author – remember we met her.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2018. By Kate Humble. Memoir.