The Two Faces Of January*

Sleep from 9.30pm last night until eight o’clock this morning – a good long sleep.

Do Spin this morning:

It’s the Princess’s class. You can see us in the above photo. Work hard.

Then do Barre:

Burn 1013 calories in the two classes.

Go home for lunch. Then Dad drives me to the flat and to walk this person:

Have a rest but don’t sleep. Now am watching Luther and knitting. Felafel, hummus, avocado and spinach for supper soon.

Have brought my Anatomy and Physiology textbook, writing pad and stationery back to the flat with me. Am having a day off homework today but will return to it tomorrow after the gym. Or maybe before the gym if I wake up early.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*1964. By Patricia Highsmith. Psychological thrillers

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