Ask And It Is Given*

Just finished my two hours of making notes on Anatomy And Physiology. Having a well-deserved rest to watch Silent Witness and knit.

Scarf is coming along well:

Think it must be about halfway done by now.

My trainer is back from her holiday and I work hard at training. Here is my chest press:

My book for the Mel Wells Goddess Collective arrives today – the self development online course that I’m doing. Look forward to reading it:

Suzy is coming back to see me this evening.

Have a sleep earlier but am still tired. Looking forward to an early night and to seeing Dolly tomorrow.

Happy Monday everyone!

*2004. By Esther and Jerry Hicks. Self help book.


  1. Bridey · January 8, 2019

    I see that the first episode of the two-part series Rome Unpacked is on BBC4 at 9pm tonight. I can’t fully recall whether the cooking of artichokes in the jewish ghetto was in the first episode (I think it probably was), or the second (which is on in a week’s time). Other than that, I thought they were just good programmes about cooking and the history of art.

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