House Of Beauty*

Work really hard at Spin. It’s a Fartlek – speed play – class. Here I am with The Master:

My friend drives me home and we have a coffee in the garden. Then she drops me in the village where I achieve new Minx Toes in Gold Lightning Cheetah:

It starts raining. Apparently that’s it for the good weather. Dad picks me up from the village and takes me to the cancer hospital. Have my intramuscular bum injections which hurt A Lot.

Come home and have a bath and then a rest but can’t sleep.

Wake up. Fluffball comes in and demands food. Feed him. Then the greedy monster asks Dad to feed him again. Bad fluffy monster.

Do two hours of work on my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Have just finished that.

It’s spaghetti for supper tonight and then Midsomer Murders and knitting.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2015. By Melba Escobar. Colombian crime novel set in Bogotá at a beauty salon.

Bark M For Murder*

Wake up at eight o’clock to walk Gandalf at nine. Here he is:

Kiss him and cuddle him and play with him at his house. He’s my best boy:

Work very hard at Barre even though legs hurt from Leg Day at training yesterday:

Visit my German Shepherd chum :

And her chickens. This one is a Brahma and has even more feathery feet than the fluffy monster:

Have lunch with fluffball in the garden:

Have my blood test at the cancer hospital. Think have lost weight around my port as it Really Hurts and I cry.

Visit the garden centre with Mum. We purchase these people:

“I just want a trowel and some fertiliser,” Mum says, but we come out with all this:

The planter on the top right of the photo contains fritillaries for my garden – yay.

Come home and have a short sleep.

Wake up and do two hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory.

Tonight we have Nazi Propaganda to watch and the second half of the Midsomer Murders episode we started last night.

Let’s hope the sunshine and warmth continues for a while.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2006. By J. A. Jance, Book of four short canine cozy mystery stories. Chassie West’s story stars a life-saving German Shepherd.

Murder Made Me Famous*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Watch last night’s episode of the new Alan Partridge programme This Time. It’s wonderful to see Alan again and laugh A Lot.
  2. Watch an episode of Murder Made Me Famous about Melissa Drexler the “Prom Mom” who gave birth to and killed her baby at her prom. Murder Made Me Famous is an excellent series which you can find on the Really channel. Work really hard at training. Here is my Squat With Pulley:Work very hard and trainer is pleased with me. It’s Leg and Back Day today.
  3. Mum picks me up from the flat. We stop off at the farm. Am going to attend some of these free workshops at the dog parlour:I like the sound of Barking Workshop and Brush Your Pooch Like A Professional.
  4. Spend most of the money that earned for looking after Agent Orange on a beautiful yellow handbag from Osprey:
  5. Pop in to Marks and Spencer with Mum. There are some yellow shoes that match my new bag but they’re horrible so we don’t purchase them. Need some yellow fit flops really.
  6. We have lunch in the garden with fluffball. I have my Marks and Spencer Cheese And Celery sandwich, which have been consuming for almost forty years!
  7. The yellow crocuses are out and match my bag:
  8. Go for a walk down to the village with Mum.
  9. Make an appointment for new Minx toes on Thursday.
  10. Arrange to pop in and visit my beautiful German Shepherd chum tomorrow.
  11. Have a sleep.
  12. Wake up and catch fluffball and bring him in.
  13. Do two hours of my Pilates Instructor Course theory.
  14. My uncle is here for dinner so must post this.
  15. And then have quick bath.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. Television series. True crime.

The Incredible Theft*

Dave visits me at Agent Orange’s house last night. Give him the scarves that have knitted for his boys. This morning he messages to say that the boys love their scarves so am pleased.

Wake up at seven o’clock this morning. Watch Ted Bundy: Serial Monster; Poirot: The Incredible Theft and Traitors whilst knitting.

It’s a sunny day. Work hard at training and trainer is pleased with me. Do four sets of all my weights. Today is Chest Day and tomorrow will be Back and Legs Day. Here’s my Incline Chest Press:

Have lunch and a sleep. Do three and a half hours of work on my Pilates Instructor Course theory.

It’s nearly supper time and need to make something to eat. Am drinking a Diet Coke.

Happy Monday everyone!

*1937. By Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot short story. Detective fiction. Appears in the short story collection Murder In The Mews.

Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow*

My Freddie Mercury and his cats vest top arrives:

I wear it to the gym and do four sets of all my weights.

Take the train from Cricklewood to Blackfriars. Pick this up from the Cricklewood station library:

Can’t wait to read it!

Meet the Goddess Collective girls for brunch at the Refinery in Southwark:

Look at the bathroom:

This quote is so me:

Have a lovely time. It’s so great to have some new friends.

Rush home and there’s a train. Have a sleep.

My baby irises, crocuses and narcissi are flowering:

After my sleep rush to Agent Orange’s house:

She’s so pleased to see me.

We’re watching Russian Doll. The heroine still hasn’t found the cat Oatmeal. Hope she finds him soon.

Feel really happy with my girlie. She’s the best company. Dave is popping round to see us so I can give him the scarves I knitted for his little boys.

Happy Sunday everyone!

*1992. By Peter Hoeg. Crime fiction novel.

Russian Doll*

Wake up at seven o’clock to see Dr Stein at 8.30am. He is Really Pleased With Me as mood has remained up for more than six months. This is the longest time Ever. Let’s just hope there’s not a massively long depression on its way.

Work hard at Spin. It’s The Princess’s class. Here we are:

Work extra hard at Barre:

We have lunch in the garden with Fluffball. He thinks about climbing a tree but then thinks better of it:

The purple crocuses are out:

It is warm and sunny today it’s wonderful.

Get new nails in Labour Party Antisemitism Crisis Coral:

Have a bath and wash hair.

Parentals drop me at Agent Orange’s house. We meet my cousin for a coffee at Florentin and sit outside.

Now we are watching Russian Doll which is really good: recommend.

The heroine has curly hair and an excellent fringe which is unfair because when I had a fringe it looked awful. Her cat is called Oatmeal and he has gone missing. Hope she finds him!

Happy Saturday everyone!

*2019. Television series. Stars Natasha Lyonne, Charlie Barnett, Greta Lee and Elizabeth Ashley. Created by Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler. Directed by Leslye Headland. A cynical young woman in New York City keeps dying and returning to the party that’s being thrown in her honour. She tries to find a way out of this strange time loop.

Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes*

Wake up at six o’clock this morning and rush over to my Shiba Inu.

Take her straight out for a walk in the park. We sit on a park bench and pretend to be spies – let’s call her Agent Orange. Our Russian contact doesn’t appear in his raincoat with a folder of papers though. Here she is:

We walk home. At home, we start watching Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. It’s brilliant and gripping: recommend. Ted was a manic depressive according to a doctor’s report in the programme. It certainly reinforces my anti-Death-Penalty views. He was a very unwell chap – as well as being a psychopathic sociopathic narcissist. He wasn’t competent to face trial and certainly shouldn’t have been allowed to defend himself in court. Watch the programme and let me know what you think. I find the execution by electric chair awful and horrifying. Defy you to watch the series and not feel some sympathy for Ted. Here is Agent Orange watching it:

Rush to the gym. Work hard at training and trainer is pleased with me. Here I am doing weighted hip thrusts on the Pilates ball:

Have lunch and a rest.

Do two hours and fifteen minutes on my Pilates Instructor Course theory.

Now need to feed Agent Orange and then rush back to parentals for dinner.

Happy Friday everyone!

*2019. Television series. Stars Hugh Aynesworth, Brenda Ball, Georgann Hawkins and Linda Healy. Written and directed by Joe Berlinger. A look inside the mind of the serial killer Ted Bundy, featuring interviews with him on Death Row.


Wake up at six o’clock this morning. Rush to my Shiba Inu girlie’s house. Walk her in the park:

Take her home. We settle in front of the television. It is playing a Japanese cartoon:

Rush to Pilates. The Instructor signs my Practicum form. It’s a good class. Here I am:

Rush back to my Shiba Inu. Fiddle with the television. Ask Alexa to play me a horror film and she suggests Annihilation. We watch it. Get quite into it in the end and enjoy it. There are deer with flowery antlers, a bear and a crocodile. It’s set on an American army base.

We meet a friend for lunch who I haven’t seen for ten years. It’s lovely to see her and it’s a sunny day. We sit outside in our coats.

Come back and have a rest. Do two hours of work on my Pilates Instructor Course theory. Have a lovely day and lots of Shiba Inu cuddles.

Going home at seven o’clock to watch my television – probably Midsomer Murders – knit, have supper, sleep and then return here at 7.30am tomorrow.

Happy Thursday everyone!

*2018. Feature film starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson and Benedict Wong. Written and directed by Alex Garland. Based on the novel by Jeff VanderMeer. A biologist signs up for a dangerous secret expedition into a mysterious zone where the laws of nature don’t apply.


Achievements Of The Day:

  1. Walk and cuddle Gandalf. He’s such a precious boy. Love him so much. Here he is:
  2. We see snowdrops in the woods:
  3. Teach Rolling Back at Barre. I do it well and teacher is very pleased with me. Here we are:
  4. See a bee in a crocus in the garden. Here he is:
  5. Chat to MadFatRunner when am sitting in the garden. It’s a warm sunny day.
  6. Pay fluffball lots of attention:
  7. Mum brings me back to the flat and do two hours work on my Pilates Instructor Course theory.
  8. Now must make some supper.
  9. And must watch my television and knit. Have finished all the Silent Witness episodes, tragically.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2010. By A.D. Miller. Psychological thriller set in Moscow. Shortlisted for the 2011 Booker Prize. Read it!


A new Pilates Instructor signs off my form and I attend her class. Work hard:

Meet an old friend for coffee in Belsize Park. It’s warm and sunny and we sit outside. We have such a great time: we are going to meet up more often.

Take the underground back to the flat. Photograph the war memorial:

Mum picks me up from the flat and drives me home. Put fluffball outside even though he hides behind the sofa.

We visit the vet to procure more food for the fluffball and to drop off some more of my dog walking cards.

Sleep for a couple of hours.

Wake up and spend two hours on Barriers And Motivation to exercise.

It’s 7.38pm and we have people coming for dinner. Had better dress and start researching the move I’m going to teach at Barre tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*1993. First World War novel by Sebastian Faulks. Good in parts – the war parts – but has a stupid love story in it. Don’t really recommend.