Murder Made Me Famous*

Achievements Of The Day

  1. Watch last night’s episode of the new Alan Partridge programme This Time. It’s wonderful to see Alan again and laugh A Lot.
  2. Watch an episode of Murder Made Me Famous about Melissa Drexler the “Prom Mom” who gave birth to and killed her baby at her prom. Murder Made Me Famous is an excellent series which you can find on the Really channel. Work really hard at training. Here is my Squat With Pulley:Work very hard and trainer is pleased with me. It’s Leg and Back Day today.
  3. Mum picks me up from the flat. We stop off at the farm. Am going to attend some of these free workshops at the dog parlour:I like the sound of Barking Workshop and Brush Your Pooch Like A Professional.
  4. Spend most of the money that earned for looking after Agent Orange on a beautiful yellow handbag from Osprey:
  5. Pop in to Marks and Spencer with Mum. There are some yellow shoes that match my new bag but they’re horrible so we don’t purchase them. Need some yellow fit flops really.
  6. We have lunch in the garden with fluffball. I have my Marks and Spencer Cheese And Celery sandwich, which have been consuming for almost forty years!
  7. The yellow crocuses are out and match my bag:
  8. Go for a walk down to the village with Mum.
  9. Make an appointment for new Minx toes on Thursday.
  10. Arrange to pop in and visit my beautiful German Shepherd chum tomorrow.
  11. Have a sleep.
  12. Wake up and catch fluffball and bring him in.
  13. Do two hours of my Pilates Instructor Course theory.
  14. My uncle is here for dinner so must post this.
  15. And then have quick bath.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

*2015. Television series. True crime.

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