Bark M For Murder*

Wake up at eight o’clock to walk Gandalf at nine. Here he is:

Kiss him and cuddle him and play with him at his house. He’s my best boy:

Work very hard at Barre even though legs hurt from Leg Day at training yesterday:

Visit my German Shepherd chum :

And her chickens. This one is a Brahma and has even more feathery feet than the fluffy monster:

Have lunch with fluffball in the garden:

Have my blood test at the cancer hospital. Think have lost weight around my port as it Really Hurts and I cry.

Visit the garden centre with Mum. We purchase these people:

“I just want a trowel and some fertiliser,” Mum says, but we come out with all this:

The planter on the top right of the photo contains fritillaries for my garden – yay.

Come home and have a short sleep.

Wake up and do two hours of Pilates Instructor Course theory.

Tonight we have Nazi Propaganda to watch and the second half of the Midsomer Murders episode we started last night.

Let’s hope the sunshine and warmth continues for a while.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

*2006. By J. A. Jance, Book of four short canine cozy mystery stories. Chassie West’s story stars a life-saving German Shepherd.

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